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Helicopter Strike "Action battle game. Let the missiles destroy your enemies. Crush their bases to the ruins.Helicopter War Gunship ShotelBuild The Ultimate Army of Modern Elicopter. Start with a basic helicopter. Develop yours Resource base to obtain the maximum aircraft of the air.

Produce more resources to increase your sky fighters park. The most powerful gun you use for the battle, faster and more destructive will your helicopter strike. Your enemies should run away panic, shouting War Thunder is coming !! Equip war machines for final battlerake control over the legendary war copters. The world of helicopters has more than dozens of unique combat war guns. Highly customizable helicopters allow you to use different styles of attack, missiles and machine guns for air machines, incendiary shooting projectiles. Glide at AH64E Apache as a superior gun between enemy turrets with advanced camouflage.

Build & Upgrade your Army of Gunships. Protect you base. Ruin other bases.

Crush the air defense from a distance with a black ka50 shark, equipped with guided missiles. Make your fighter of the indestructible sky with special decals. Use the Dragon War Navy war army helicopter to devastate the basics of other players. Inexpugnable build for helicopter fortresseswar aircraft is the art of conquest and defense. Don't let other players attack your room on the basic helicopters. Plan your defense properly.

Build your turrets optimally and combination to reject an air attack. Show them who is the Master of Warfare.3D Gunship War Air Strike Bttledinging Air Combat You should think like a pilot of the intelligent and attentive army. Currency and carefully choose the goals. First, point the machine gun and shooting units and soldiers with RPG. Save your helicopter from the fire of defense turrets, firing armored war machines and armor shots. Check the battlefield and use the right tactics to win the battle. The 3D Helicopter oriented by helicopter helicopter is a rifle battle with "Vertical oriented battles - high quality graphics ... Easy Controls - High detailed 3D models of Modern Helicopters " Strategy Mix, Action, Tactics, simulator and shooter "Balance of attack and defense" Ground Army, BROUND ARMY, NAVY AND AIR FORCE UNITSJOIN THE GAME AND START YOUR BATTAGEMENT OF GUNSHIP!

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