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Time to build a gunboat! Strike your enemy on the battlefield and win the world war in the world of the Sandbox cube. Crafting, construction, flight and WHOOTINGAN ESSENCE OF THE GUNSHIP CASIERE! Fly or not? Fight a guerrilla rate and calm € |! But ita is calm before the storm! The troops of the iron enemy forces are preparing for the Warcraft a way to stop them. You can expect a night attack helicopter, but you have a whole day to build a military helicopter or a helicopter assault, craft a weapon, recruit an army of heroes and become a commander hero of a square army! It is not only one of these WW2 games where the command of a company of incompetent heroes. Army in Gunship Craft are WellTrained Soldiers who affect fear on the battlefield, whether you drive a guncutor hopper or prepare for a blitz tank! Another time DAYEXPLORATION Adventure Lite! In this world Sandbox Cubo your main goal is survival. Crafting Blocks of compilation defenses or a modern military helicopter will surely help you, but first you have to mine resources! Craft & Build! Exploring the Block World is fundamental for success in this survival war game. You must be ready before the night comes as if it were your last day on earth! Build a gunner or a helicoptercraft assault a real helicopter! A guncut battle is coming, but you must be sure that your gunboat strikes first! A modern assault helicopter? Craft it! A real historical chopper since the days of the Second World War? Yup, Theyβ € ™ King here too! Gunship Craft offers a wide variety of helicopters for crafts and war soldiers, who adapt to war games played in this sandbox cube world.

Flight and shooting made easy to learn, but challenging. Recruit an army of heroes, feel like a warlord! It's not just you fight in this war! The troop army awaits your commands! Use our new recruitment system and bring a cube soldier to the ranks of your Military Gunship division! But don't send a single soldier on the war games with empty hands! Use the Mininato resources to create a weapon. Mans your war army and have not lost their research to survival! It is to you to become a respected commander of your army hero ...

Craft a helicopter! Flying & shooting - strike a gunship battle! Survival game!

But a real battle of Gunship starts at night! After all the Block World Exploration Adventure, Crafting & Building during the day, the real survival battle starts after sunset. Skip in your Gunship or Assault Helicopterflying & Shooting at the same time is a business! There are no survival mode yet, but in Gunship Craft Survival is the challenge itself! Hold an enemy army, war planes and an assault on the tank! Pilot a gunship hunting and provides support to your army hero from the sky! It is more than just another flight simulator. You are a gunship machine gods and a commander hero at the same time, so better to take it seriously. This World Cube Sandbox needs a soldier like you! Core features ... Build a gunship fighter. True Chopper! Ž • Participate in a rifle battle. A war helicopter simulator! Ž • Perform epic maneuvers.

Fly and shoot like a true fighting driver! Ž • becomes a hero commander. Recruit an army, artisan weapons for your soldiers! Ž • Survival arena. Fight in the air and in the ground! Ž • Real war machines. Crafts and fly a unique gunship destroyer from the Second World War Times.➠• Epic These for real heroes. Army soldiers need your help! Upcoming features ... Multi Craftmultiplayer mode! Ž • Survival mode! Ž • Soldier vs Zombies mode! Ž • Possibility of zombies! Ž • Best possibility of artisanal an army! Don't wait any longer a gunshot! Explore the world of the Sandbox cube and be ready for the best processing and construction experience mixed with flying and shooting while pilot a real helicopter! Gunship Craft offers all the best features you can expect from an aeronautical combat game. Survival crafting not for boys, but for real men! Download now for free and guide your army to a Gunship Aerial War in one of the best Army War Games of 2017!

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Great game that I love so funny. When the announcements arrive, I turn off my internet connection and its all right everyone downloads it now

Recruitment tanks should be unused tanks and helicopters and should also keep your army's progress every time you play and even when you die and your enemies should not be able to shoot through the walls and should only be during fences

I like this app, I heard that I create my Blackhawk with some things when I remove the wood, when the Blackhawk was, Steve has arrived the Blackhawk helicopter! I turned the tanks, I captured enemies with my AK47 !! I give all the stars, but all the stars were 100000! I have clear enemies, get tanks with my helicopter called Steve Blackhawk! Aww, watt a fantastic game, only the helicopters you should put them

it's a good game but if you can take a friendly tour of troops in vehicles, it will be wonderful so that it doesn't stay back in the battlefield to die more

Great game. But if you guys you can add some cars that would be nice. I hundred a military jeep.

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