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The army captain puts you in command of the aeronautics. Trust your skills as a helicopter fighter pilot and your experience in Air Combat and hostage rescue operations. World War has already started the soldier. He prepares your assault weapons and launches your relief helicopter. We are sure that you successfully bring your flight missions and commit themselves successfully in heaven fighting. You are the best military helicopter pilot in our army. We trust you to save the lives of our soldiers.

If you can't, no one else can! Join the strength of the army in this rescue and shooting game. Andupera The rescue air operations and take control of the powerful military attack chopper at the rescue rescue of the military base on the BattageFieldRescre and saves the life of the soldiers who were injured by the enemy crossfire on the battlefield. Sometimes you will have to go beyond the boundary of our territory with your army helicopter and in a combat zone. In these incursions, prioritize to avoid enemy fire and try to avoid missile aimed at your rescue chopper. The main thing is to save the allied military troops. ProSide Air Support in transport operations. He accompanies the convoys loaded with military weapons to reach our base.

The Air Force needs you! Take off in your helicopter and complete the missions!

On the road, you will have to exceed conflicts and hostile areas where a spy will wait for you to face you. Be aware of their missiles and their shots. Engage in an aerial war and tries to destroy the army before they destroy you! Cover the military helicopters from the enemy attack your military use and help the allied tanks and the convoys that have been affected by the enemy fire on the battlefield. Take your chopper and come to the relief of wounded soldiers. Help them with your medical helicopter of our navy. By your military airfind operations the military shipment stolen with your Chinook helicopter and safely carry it to the nearby friendly base, while you fight hostile tanks and other enemy fighters. Assault flights to the enemy base and save hostages held in the captivities of prisoners of the warfields.

The army is sending the rescue tower and desperately waiting for the sound of evacuation helicopters. Only the Air Force is able to a successful attack on this mission. Mission.main features in the helicopter rescue game, up to 25 unique missions - ¯ 3 rescue helicopters, each with different handling and transport features - ¯ 3 weapons with different capacities "¯ different missions as transport goods, saving hostages , Helicopter Shootout and stop the convoys of enemies' ¯ Various day and weather conditions, such as rain storms and splendid sunsets of the jungle - numerous war scenes, including jungles, marshes, hidden caves, mining systems and much more this world of WORLD War✯ Epic Action Music and cinematographic sound effects The aeronautics requires courage on your part as a helicopter pilot since the ground on the ground will not be able to win this global war. Fight the army of the attacker in battles and attacks Electrifying planes. Defend the alliance in exciting sky wars. You have the command, then enter the chopper! All in a well-known stil game And Blocky.

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Interesting game. Nice control and music.

It's so great to play as a free helicopter when you're finished every stage

It's a good game that I like, but now he won why is that

Incredible off-line game. Easy but challenging

Fun and simple game to play

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