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Climb in a helicopter to undertake your mission to save the dinosaur friends trapped all over the world! As a rescue pilot, you will be assigned to the accident site and starts a search and rescue operation for your friends. With 12 exciting helicopters to choose from, you can drive everything from a UFO to a military helicopter to a Twopropeller helicopter! On your trip you will encounter obstacles like monsters and lightning, but your helicopters are equipped with bombs, so you can eliminate obstacles and continue your relief operation without problems! Each scenario will present challenges for you, and will need to sail on unexpected surprises and accidents.

Cross natural disasters like earthquakes and volcanic eruptions and flooded cities and damaged railways. If the saving takes place at the top of a roof or in a dangerous position, your helicopters include tools like stairs from stairs and claws to help you reach your dinosaur friends! Be always looking for new dangers! You can explore wherever you like.

Helicopter Rescue Games for kids, fly a helicopter to rescue!

Enjoy the scenario running while you browse to help other dinosaurs, as rescue areas range from tropical islands to urban locations! Your dinosaur friends are struggled right now, and they are waiting for your help! Choose a helicopter and jump to start your exciting research and rescue adventure! Features> Take control of 12 unique and fun helicopters> Embark on 6 missions of natural disasters and rescue and rescue> Explore interesting areas ranging from urban places to tropical islands> Sunrises experience in Free Flight mode> Suitable for children aged Preschool up to five years> No advertising to third-party advertising Yatelandyateland develops apps for children and families to enjoy. Our games inspire preschooler children around the world to create, imagine and adventure! While we play games for your children to have fun, we are guided by our vision "Love for children.

Parents trust. "

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The child loves him, the prices are right, easy to use. 100% I would recommend anyone with a child.

Large learning and coordination app for the little ones. Not disturbed by ads, prizes or updates. Thanks Yeadeland

Hi.Very Good Game for Kids.but How do you get free and more helicopter? How to get the full version?

Excellent app for children

Thank you very much for your time!.

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