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City Helicopter Game 3D takes you to a flying adventure through the city skyline in this helicopter flight simulation game.

Become the best helicopter pilot and fly through the city, making your way to the designated heliport where you have to land the helicopter to complete each of the 20 exciting levels in this helicopter flight simulation game.

Take control of a helicopter and fly through the city like a pro! Download now!

Be careful when you fly the helicopter to avoid hitting skyscrapers or crashes and you have to try again the level and fly safer.

In City Helicopter Game 3D arrives 20 funtricats who will help you become the best helicopter pilot out there. So you think you can take control of a helicopter and fly skillfully through the city to get to the elipad before the timer ends? Then this game will give that of the most fun and exciting times with flying the helicopter through the city. So if you are enthusiastic to fly the helicopters, you will have fun playing at City Helicopter Game 3D.

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City Helicopter user reviews

I think it's a much worse game but the graphics are good and the controls are even worse so from my opinion don t Download the game See any other game as WCC2

This game is quite good but there are only a few plz levels add levels to it and make it a bit difficult and other helicopters

This is my favorite game or something similar to this helicopter game the best way to live and work in progress and I can't wait to see you on your computer and the other hand

Good game. I think this game is a better helicopter game. But there is only 20 levels.

Very very very beautiful and beautiful game does not contain any announcement ILOVED IT Many hopes from God to be the best game on Play StoreĀ ¤ ’ '

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