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Realistic helicopter flight simulator Chinook Ch47. Skip in the detailed virtual 3D cockpit of this chopper and completes the carrier transport mission.

Fly and destroy any building or vehicle with a mini-family. This game is equipped with extremely realistic physics, sound effects and NextGen graphics.

Realistic flight simulator of CH-47 Chinook helicopter with carrier mission.

As in the real helicopter this simulator requires practice to control the helicopter. From the developer of the helicopter sim n. 1 for iOS (Air Cavalrycombat Flight Simulator) FeaturesRealistic Virtual 3D CockpitDetailed CH47 Model & TexturesMinigun OnboardTransport Mission Detailed Environment with Ocean and Big Island with cities, traffic, river, mountains, etc.

Realistic Controlscheck Our site for any news and other simulators of

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Chinook Helicopter Flight Sim user reviews

The countryside is all a tough boring tutorial is not really funny but playing for free if you imagine that you will have the best time of your life

Healthy Noma. This game is fantastic and worth trying. Perfect controls, high definition graphics and beautiful game in general.

The OMG memories, I played this game in 2013 also your nice simple if your owner shoots and you will see a point at the top of your gun pretending that it is a view.

Excellent game capacity Good Controls Know Ads, does not require Wi-Fi thanks to all the good

5 stars the game has in it that will attack you

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