Lower the pharmaceutical society that threatens the world with its bio tests and weapons systems! Introduction '3D flight action centered on modern air war! A fight like a war movie! Use the land and altitude to your advantage! Use the motion sensor to play! Dive into diving battles! Zip through a large battlefield! Features ä Is "free to play7" Enjoy the game without having to worry about WiFi! œ "Various strategies and tacticsars with yourself with different aircraft and weapons! Update your warplanes and aim at the limit! Pick an appropriate weapon from a wide arsenal goal, AGM, smart bomb, torpedoes, etc.

Equip your warplane with the weapons of your choice! Use the land and altitude to overcome your opponent! œ Vary WarplaneuH1D, ACH47MI17, UH60L, AW159, Ch53rudra, KA50, AH56, MI28N, AH1Z, MI24P, S97, Tiger, RAH66, AH64DMI35, KA52, MI26, CH47, V22, SU56, CH47, V22, su25, J20, C130 - "Realistic graphics and soava realistic portrait of aircraft carriers, Warplanes, Warship, etc.

A 3D flight action game centered on modern aerial warfare!

It provides solid realistic reactions and authentic reactions, "various enemies and battle war which is really all over the world in ScalaSperience all types of oceans, deserts, mountains, urban, etc.

Enemy submarine sink with torpedoes! Use bombs to destroy enemy base and warships! (MK82.83,84 / Napalim / CBU87) Shoot down Down Enemy Fighter Games And Helicopters with Airtoair missiles! (Side winder / Stinger / Igla / R60 / R73) Destroy enemy bases and tanks with an AIRTOGUNUND missile! (Maverick / Arpoon / Trailer / AGM119 / Spikeer / Ataka / Hellfire) "Pointbased Ranking Individual RankingComplete The mission to earn prizes and points. Range the ranks and compete with friends from all over the world!

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BLOOD COPTER user reviews

The game is very good. Especially as the graphic design of the helicopter. But enemy armies are like puppets, not as real commando and almost equal to buildings. This helicopter game would be more interesting if you could add a simulator including take-off, earth in every battle and bring enemy forces into real form.

Great game! Even if it took me now to complete some levels, I still amused myself. But please add a joystick control, it is difficult to aim at flying aircraft.

I love this game, why? It is because 1.Simple Control on all buttons 2. Added and time killing 3.Same just like the previous game from the sea I will wait a new game of warships, so Toodles and good luck

I really like this game. Yes, there may be a bit grind, but I spent $ 5 and I was able to get a lot of resources to get the helicopter I wanted. The controls are good, even if a function for zero, the phone corner would be better. Overall, however, great game and tons of fun.

EZ Cool Game Like is not much to say but 1 problem is too much money but loves the game and must be EZ to update your helicopter and we can get online please. ~ ~ and we can get a map Editor or Mission Editor for favor.


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