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The backyard pilot is a game created to approximate the behavior of the real RC helicopter, while it is still fun. Complete missions, earns prizes and update your radio-controlled helicopter to get even better scores! Explore the environment in Freeram, there are many secrets and Easter eggs hidden there. Missions and choppers amplify fun missions, each with their own unique turning point.

Are you too lazy to clean your table? Extract your radio controller and let your copter take care of it! Lost your phone? Just fly and find it! Destroy the card houses, free rails for a train, downloading its load and more. Remember, the clock is ticking. Challenge yourself to push the helicopter limits and beat the missions in time as fast as possible.

Fly an RC helicopter, complete missions, earn rewards and customize

Physics-based physics helicopters Aren is only toys. Master controls to get better scores and become the best in the rankings! Updates, do you want to make your helicopter faster and more interesting? Don't say anything anymore! There are not only performance updates, but also visual customization. Expressed by changing the color of your helicopter or applying one of the unique paint work.

Results and Easter eggsbrace The challenge and try to unlock as many results as possible you can. Look around and discover the Easter eggs hidden across the map. Disclaimer There are many of them. Oggelli Inutteractivacecate Great Speed ??When Beach A From A Fan, Goodbye Buy Cards of Cards Listen to light from the air of the part of your exclusive or tin.Line classifications other players.

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Backyard Pilot user reviews

This game is so fantastic but I want the multiplayer and I am so decorated that I love this game so much that there are so many designs but please make the multiplayers thanks for having read it.

My daughter enjoys a lot. The graphics looks real live. The controls are very accurate. We love it all.

Great fun. Accurate controls. The best so far!

Nice RC Simlator beautiful gameplay and good graphics and overall it is beautiful and surprising and I can reqest to install this game because it is incredible, but at the beginning some people could not understand that how to fly there should be a part where there will help many people and They make a new version where we can fly out from the outside, this general game is the best

You can say how much effort and love the DEV put into the game. There are references everywhere and this game is not paying to win. Of course you update the system but you don't have to pay to get coins. Great job devš’ '.

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