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Get ready to fly the best army helicopter pilot simulator for transport. If you like helicopter games and helicopter simulator; This game is for you. This is the best pilot flight, helicopter games for free. After receiving many applications for the army helicopter pilot, you have been selected as the lucky pilot to fly and control the incredible army helicopter of the army army of the army base designed for the transport of the group of Special army communication services.

The troops must be transported from the army base to the first line of the battlefield. They would fight the enemy and exchanged intense focus with the enemy. When driving the helicopter, you would be driven through an arrow and you have to pass the helicopter from rings on the route. Once the ring passes, the next ring will appear for you.

Pilot a helicopter from army base in treacherous terrain to deliver army cargo

Incasi misses you to switch from the ring, the next ring is not displayed and the mission will be completed incomplete. Every mission requires your high capabilities and is your job carefully flying the helicopter and do not crush it into the hills and mountains. You are a great captain and you have to prove it this time by a successful transport. Show your flight skills and report to the commander.

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This game is so fantastic! The flying helicopter action is fantastic having to run flying controls to fly !! Wow

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It is also the Tarafying game and its graphics were too good

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