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Build a deck as you battle across the galaxy, gathering powerful cards along the way. With strategy and a bit of luck, you might be able to reclaim the Eyes of Chronos.A single-player adventure, play with 500 cards and three unique classes to engineer a custom deck to your own design. Rooted in the simple hit-or-stand mechanics of blackjack, Void Tyrant is an easy to understand roguelike with engrossing depth. Battle quirky aliens, disarm traps, upgrade your spaceport, and face off with the sinister Wruut.

Newcomers or seasoned veterans alike will enjoy deck building in Void Tyrant.FEATURES

A single-player card adventure

-Strategic deck building and card-based combat.-Four classes to choose from, each with its own strategy-Upgrade your town for new powers and adventures.-Collect blueprints and craft new ships with special abilities and cards-Powerful artifacts stuffed into shiny treasure chests.

-Free with ads or convert to premium (NO ADS) with one purchase.-Traps, strange aliens, and lots of other surprises...

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Void Tyrant user reviews

Great game, ads can be a little annoying but it is free. The only downside is the different chars don't seem as viable as the normal tank, there capacity to just get one shot is very high, the otherside is the game was completed within 7 days and I found there was no more point in continuing to play. It would be good to have more bonuses to play for, a skill tree or other additional weapons.

Edit Hell yeah! They listened to my review. I'm totally hooked into this game. I can't stop playing it. But now that I've spent several hours into this game, the system has started becoming very boring and dull. What this game needs is an update, add enemies, bosses and items and please please please MAKE ENDLESS ADVENTURE FUN TO PLAY. Please make the endless mode more diverse and random. I'm tired of playing against the same enemies with same weapons and traits.

All I can say is wow. I can say with certainty this is the most fun I've had with a mobile game since Pokemon Go. This is very similar to Slay the Spire, but still feels like its own game, and is VERY fun to play. I notice myself getting all giddy from clearing bosses, and just overall have a good experience while playing the game. It's only 5 bucks for the premium version (no ads \boosts\), and if you enjoy the game I recommend supporting them this way.

Enjoy this game thoroughly. You CAN go without ads , if you choose to not accept the perk OR buy the 'perk' spirit for .99 CENTS . Give it a run through or 2, Trust. The ONLY thing that they sell in game is a ONE TIME sale of .99 or max 3. Earnestly a great game. Warrior is only selection at first, but a bit of playing opens up assassin, mage or something and my fav, lastly the duelist.

Really fun time waster, worth the £4 to unlock the bonuses and no ads. (Ads aren't super intrusive in base game anyway) Rouge-lite with Card game based combat and FTL like level options (including side quests) Perfect for 15 to 60 minute bursts when you've got a little time that's made for replayability.

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