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Urban Rivals Street Card Battler

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Simply difficult.Features dynamic gameplay style

Rush Tv hundreds of challenging missions 4 minutes of play time per battle 32 clans

Fight, evolve and collect

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Urban Rivals Street Card Battler user reviews

Awesome game! Great to see it mobile, makes it easier to play for me. Also been a player of the game since 2007. Really like the improvements both in artwork (one of the reasons that I kept coming back every year despite not playing often) and gameplay (character abilities). Also really like that is WAY easier to acquire new cards and clintz, it was a pain in the beginning, sadly but true.

I've played urban rivals since 2009. I left and came back a few times, but always came back to a better, more improved and optimized game. Truly a staple for online TCGs. The app is not perfect, but I understand the developers don't have the budget of a AAA company to fully upgrade the interface. Great game!

Great, quick matches easy to play and obtain new cards. Even if you are broke you can still reach the top of the leader boards.

the game is in good shape right now. it had its ups and downs, but right now is a good time for old players to come back or new ones to jump in

The game won't update it says pending for minutes and nothing is happening .. it's annoying

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