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Play Tripeaks Solitaire and Design Your Town! Take a dive into the vivid world of Undersea Solitaire Tripeaks! Help Alfred the Crab give his town the scaping it desperately needs.Plunge in and free the town of Rocky Bottom from its doldrums by beating challenging Solitare Tri peaks levels. Give different sites around town a free makeover, uncover an exciting story, and meet an ocean full of charming characters along the way.Did you know? Our tri-peaks game is more fun and challenging than the classic and old-fashioned patience, klondike or pyramid.

You don't just play cards here-You join an underwater adventure and get to scape your own town while collecting rewards and bonuses.So what are you waiting for? Download this classic card game now, play Undersea Solitaire Tripeaks for free and give Rocky Bottom the dream rebuild it deserves!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~WHAT'S ON THE CARDS? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~â™Play 5000 tri peaks levels with fun boosters and quirky blocker cards; Uncover the history of Rocky Bottom through 800 challenging story quests;

Solitaire meets scaping Combine a free tri peaks game with underwater adventure

Build and design an undersea town your way with thousands of free customization options; Participate in special card game events and in-game challenges;â™Join a Club and work with fellow members to earn cool bonuses; Befriend Ringmaster Raúl, see Madame Abella's illusions, and meet our 30 lovable characters; Start a farm, uncover ancient artifacts, host a circus, and solve crimes along your journey; Play anytime and anywhere, whether you're offline or 20,000 leagues under the sea.Download Undersea Solitaire Tri peaks now and get ready for a town makeover adventure!NOTE Undersea Solitare Tripeaks is free to play and download, but you can make in-game purchases with real money. If you don't want this feature in our free to play card game, please disable it in your device settings.

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Love this game! Graphics are great and love under the sea anything! I only have one wish, that was a bit easier to earn more money Since the last update it won't take me to rocky bottom and I can't use my gems! What is happening?

I love this app!!! It REALLY helps me just detach from reality and just zone in on something that doesn't STRESS me out! It really helps keep my brain exercised and helps me keep my vision focused as well. I've been playing this game on and off for a while and EVEN if I decide to delete it, I ALWAYS reinstall it eventually! Keep up the good work guys! I REALLY Love this app!

This is a very fun game and they give you options to get lives without having to purchase them. I found this game through an offer wall, but continued to play it after I reached my objective because it's a great game. I also really like all the side quests. I recommend this game to people who like solitaire. Well done.

I absolutely love this game. If I have coins I play for ages. Some of the levels are wicked hard but just keep trying and you'll get thru. I have built my town up quite a bit and would be satisfied to just keep playing levels, but there is so much to build, so many new fish/shellfish to meet that you have to keep building. Hope you enjoy as much as I do!!

I've played many tripeaks games and this one by far is the best. I'm on level 360. I play every day but I'm not in any rush. I enjoy playing the levels. It's fun having the town to build. I don't win hands always the first time but I store up and use my boosters wisely. I prefer the challenge of trying to win without using them. I always do what I can.... watch videos, play some of the events, to keep a good amount of boosters ready! Good job!

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