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Three Cards, Triple Fun!Enjoy the tactical card game RPG recommended by Google!â–Free welcome gifts for new users-1 Free hero card when logged in!-90 Diamonds and 500 Elixirs for massive growth!-200% Overcharge coupon as a bonus! The generous and legendary card game!â–Google's PIck! Tactical Card Game-Card battle RPG selected by Google editors! Triple Fantasy!-Triple your damage by combining three cards! Make the best deck with the best strategy!-Unique tactical TCG, CCG among card games!-If you like RPG games, you will definitely love Triple Fantasy!

â–Cute pixel heroes but deep tactics! Tactical Card RPG with unexpected amusement-Cute designs but strong stats-The collaboration of pixel graphic and deep strategy RPG!-Tactics and combinations are more important than card tiers! Triple the damage with various card combinations!-Gacha? Cash products? Payment? Triple Fantasy only battles with turn-based strategy, not like other gacha games!-Card battle with the fierce competition of tactics! A unique TCG-Different from other card games/strategy games/RPG games! Endless tactics with Fire/Water/Earth elements and various classes/jobs!â–A card collecting game with unique dot characters-Sun Wukong, Thor, Odin, and characters from 'Romance of the three kingdoms?!' Meet familiar legends in the adventure!-Collect over 300 pixel art heroes! One of the best card collecting RPG games!-From normal heroes to legends! Collect cards in various tiers and become stronger!

Win the battle through various card combinations! Tactical Card Battle RPG!

â–A TCG simply played with only one hand-A card game that can be enjoyed by anyone with a small volume-Enjoy the vertical turn-based RPG anywhere, anytime!-You can resume the game even if you exit during the game! Kinder than any other card gameâ–Various contents that will never go boring-The basis of strategy games! Expand the world with your one and only deck! [Outpost]-Attack monsters with different elements! Rewards depending on the strategy! [Goblin Mine]-A true strategy card game enjoyed by random cards! Thrilling turn-based PVP! [Arena]-Collect unique dot heroes hidden somewhere in the map! [Monster Dungeon]-Defeat various monsters with powerful card combinations! The real tactical RPG game! [Lab]-Use tactics in the PVP as well! Fun triples in Card battle games when enjoyed together! [Devil's Ruins]-NO Grinding! The real-time battle only with card strategy skills! [Unknown Portal]

Enjoy strategy games with cute dot heroes! One of the best card battle RPG games! Download now! Internet connection is required to play. In-app purchase options are available. Join our community (Official Facebook page)https// Having problems? Please contact us in-game through Settings-Customer CenterPrivacy Policy

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F2p is worth while and the experience is fun. Great mechanics, technical aspects of this game are intuitive. NOT ad heavy

Fun and addicting game. Was looking for a relaxing game to play after getting off work work while still stretching my brain muscles.

I love the card mechanic. The game is fun and engaging. Leveling is a tad slow if you play casually and ftp, but not in a way that really effects game play, just in a way that makes you want to log in the next day. You earn enough gems to do premium gotcha through attendance, quest and progress, so unless you are in a real rush just watch the optional ads to optimize your ftp and have a blast.

One of the best mobile games I've played this year. The strategy is incredibly in depth. Highly recommend giving it a try. The IAP are very stingy though.

Hello - Greetings, The first eye catcher of Triple Fantasy are HIGH END Graphics \u0026 VISUALS. This itself makes this game STAND OUT and Unique. Hats off to the entire team. Earlier their was vibration option to turn it ON - OFF while playing the game - now its not there!! IF you can add vibration feature back - while playing the game and while attacking the enemy would be great.The vibration feature would enhance the game experience while playing and take this game to the next level. Thank you.

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