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Solitales Garden And Solitaire Card Game In One

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Solitaire games, one of the best card games ever, now ready to play in your garden!Why would you choose Solitales over hundreds of other free solitaire games? It's a classic solitaire game. Tripeaks, also known as Tri Towers, Triple Peaks or Three Peaks, is one of the entertaining examples of solitaire game. Or do you prefer Pyramid, Klondike or Spider Solitaire? Free Cell? You choose it! 1000 levels in flower gardens. Every fan of patience card games will be busy for a while!

Unlock new houses and gardens. Express yourself in a field of garden and home design. Free coins. Water your flower garden every day and be prepared for next solitaire game. Use boosters. Make deals in this patience card game a bit easier.

Garden decoration mixed with free solitaire games - tripeaks, spider and more!

Follow the story. Meet Simon Green, a host of gardening show, who's willing to help people make every flower garden beautiful, his daughter Pearl and their charming dog Ace, an expert of home decoration. Design a dream garden. Use garden tips from Simon and Pearl and step into gardeners' world. Redecorate it whenever you want! Daily events. Play more patience card games to discover fun stories in your dream garden.

Solitales is an ultimate combination of casual solitaire tripeaks, pyramid, klondike, spider with story game of home design and garden renovation. Classic solitaire games are the most relaxing patience card games at all, but when you add the best elements of home design games, flower garden arrangement games and garden design apps, you get unbeatable experience!But there's more than classic solitaire games! Engage into story of Simon and Pearl-a decorators and gardeners for rent-and help restore old houses to their former glory. Control everything finding hidden objects, cleaning, home decor, flower arrangement and watering. All this between free solitaire tripeaks deals!Become an instant gardener with a deck of cards and download solitaire game for free-Solitales. The one and only exciting mix of classic solitaire tripeaks games and garden games!

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Solitales Garden And Solitaire Card Game In One user reviews

It's a fun game I like it I don't see nothing wrong with it. I started playing this game again I find this game really fun I also find it nice not spend money on getting coins or gems or whatever if u want to. Just to buy extra money. Just a nice quiet and relaxing game to pass time.

I play a lot of games since I don't watch a lot of television. This is an enjoyable game. It's apparent that a good deal of thought went into producing this game. Kudos to the ingenuity of the developers. Bright, lively colors, good animation. Fun following the storyline. The only con I have so far is the ratio of coins for winning a game doesn't seem to keep pace with the increasing amount of coins it costs to play. I play for fun not to decrease my wallet. Good game, download it!!

I love this game so much its so joyful. It makes my day with that being said i lost my place and had to start over after being on it for 3 years im so up set about it and its so hard to get anyone to help me get my place back staring over is just like staring life over again .and i just love this game its a shame .

Best graphics, action, and engaging story to keep me playing. The game froze up in the later levels. I uninstalled it and installed it again. This gave me a chance to try playing each level better. The only bad thing is in season 2 you are forced to either buy coins or quit the game. Had to reinstall again when game froze. UPDATE 2021. Installed game again and enjoyed it more than ever. This is the best game Ive ever played. I enjoyed the new parts!

Tri-peaks is usually a little slow for me (and I'm still waiting for Spider in Chapter 40). But the story is compelling, the graphics are beautiful, and it's obvious the developers deeply care about their product. It's also possible to play without donating any real earth money...The hallmark of caring developers!

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