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Time to take a rest! Let's play Solitaire Mystery for fun!This is a New SOLITAIRE game applicable to Any Ages, the game brings you endless fun, challenges and is completely FREE!You will grow into a well-known detective, by playing our rich, exciting Solitaire levels, to unlock the plot of different scenes, so as to collect crime clues to help the police catch criminals and collect more gold rewards.

FEATURESâ™1.Easy and Fun, you will pick up quick! 2.1000 fantastic levelswith more on the way!

Best TriPeaks Solitaire Detective Adventure

3.60 Great graphics and amazing beautiful themes rooms! 4.More exciting detective storylines waiting for you to unlock! 5.Daily quests, events, activity, challenges, and rewards!

6.Enjoy fun mini-games-Lucky Wheel and Treasures!7.Offline can also play!Come and try it out, friends! Download NOW and Enjoy the Solitaire Mystery for FREE!

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Solitaire Mystery user reviews

I do enjoy the game. At first it was slow, but things started to speed up. I think the graphics are nice. I like how this solitaire breaks up the regular solitaire for a nice change.

I am totally addicted to this game. I play for hours. The levels are reasonable, Ive gotten stuck a couple of times. Keep up the good work

I enjoy your very your game I enjoy but I don't know where the Mysteries are sometimes they're very slow and you don't know what level you're on

EI love all the differentg ways to play games. Never saw one like this yet. It very entertaining to play to see the bigger picture.

I have downloaded 7 other solitaire games and this one tops all of them and is the only one I'm playing now. This game actually REWARDS you and doesn't force you to spend so much money on earning coins. It also has an option where you can skip the storyline altogether. I know there's effort in making them, but I just want to go ahead and play the game and this is the only one that has this kind of option. I had a couple of problems with it and the developers were quick to respond. It's awesome!

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