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Play the most immersive and relaxing Tripeaks game with Solitaire Garden Escapes. Bring your exotic garden to life! Go on a journey to collect and harvest all the rare flowers for your garden.It's time to get away and take a break with this addicting stress relief game. Play solitaire like you've never seen before.It's your very own floral Solitaire Garden!In this unique and beautiful solitaire experience, you will be able to plant, farm and grow your enchanted garden with the most precious and gorgeous flowers within your township. The more you play, the more your dream flowers come to life. Challenge your tripeaks solitaire skills by mastering each challenge and finding the grand flowers! Can you get stars on every level?YOUR TRIPEAKS SOLITAIRE ADVENTURE 500 levels to excite and challenge your mind Lets go streaking! The more you play, the more you earn Unlock wonderful and special boosts to enhance your gameplay Collect flowers to build and grow. No need for a tractor here!

CREATE YOUR ZEN GARDEN Grow various exotic flowers as your progress through the game Design your farm any way you like-this is YOUR dream experience Escape and upgrade to new and different gardens by beating new challenges Feel that moment of zen when you unlock that special flower. Finally feel at peace! Who can forget about the pets?! Unlock the cutest and most cuddly pets to help watch over your garden! CHALLENGE YOURSELF IN THE TOURNAMENT Get your name on top of the leaderboard by competing against other star gardeners in the Garden Tournament! Win the enormous rewards!If you love Tripeaks Solitaire, this is the game you must have. Your garden awaits you. Your story is ready to be told!

Be the TriPeak master and build your own zen garden!

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Solitaire Garden Escapes user reviews

Ha, I have finally found a solitaire game to challenge you in a normal way. You win a lot and you have to replay some games. And guess what??? No ads, no interruptions while in play and you win a lot of coins. I am enjoying myself to the fullest. I highly recommend this game if you like solitaire games. Come and have some fun.

Fun game, yet sometimes hard to get 3 stars.

Calming...sleepy almost. Cute graphics and nice music. But why is it that the advertisement that gets you to load the game is NOTHING like the game peeve...advertise what your selling. Maybe you should develop a game like you looked like fun and a lot more challenging.

Awesome graphics, very addictive. Once I start on this game I can't stop especially when I only get one or two stars, I keep playing till I get all three. I recommend this game it can be relaxing too.

Love this game !! Only thing is now its started to have some issues contacting to internet and in order to play next loves I have to exit out and go back into games ! After beating a level it want contact

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