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Solitaire Collection Spider, Klondike, Pyramid and Freecell. Casual and classic solitaire card game. An addictive solitaire blitz for lovers of vintage card games!â™Patience Solitaire !â™Spider Solitaire !â™Pyramid Solitaire !â™Klondike Solitaire !

â™Freecell Solitaire !â™Solitaire Collection !️About the game️â™Play a variety of classic card games Freecell, Pyramid, Spider and Klondikeâ™Combine different types of visual elements to create the most attractive puzzle styleâ™Check your progress via statistics and experience level

Classic card games. Solitaire Collection Spider, Klondike, Freecell and Pyramid

â™The Number 1 solitaire blitz both adults and kids will have fun!â™You can enjoy this 4 in 1 Patience Solitaire for free without wifi or offlineâ™Play mobile on Android phones and Android tabletsâ™HD graphics and simple controlsMAGIC SOLITAIRE is a free solitaire card game. You can find the same game playing on Windows aka Microsoft Solitaire. It can also be called "Solitaire" with misspellings like "solataire", "soltaire" or "salitaire", etc.

Oh, and keep in mind we update this card game regularly, so with a little patience you'll see a lot of interesting things if you stay with us!Unravel logic knots of Spider Solitaire, solve riddles of Pyramid Solitaire, consider tactics to win a Freecell Solitaire or just relax in classic game card Klondike Solitaire. The best free solitaire games are collected for you. Improve your solitaire skills with daily challenges.Play Freecell, Klondike, Pyramid and Spider Solitaire with us on Facebook https//

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You can play for hours. Different games every time or just play one or two. Having 4 different types of games makes it easier for you to play and keep the fun going. 5 stars! One satisfied user.

I really like this version of regular solitaire plus all of the added bonus icons you can use to win the game sometimes, which makes the easy level challenging for me, but fun too.

I love solitaire games, especially Magic Solitaire. It's relaxing, and mind focus.

Whenever I try to take a spin on this game, I get a message from Russia! Why? Is this a Russian game? Please respond as soon as possible.

Like this game, graphics are good and there are few ads

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