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Dreamsky Just be Happy!Dark Dungeon Survival-Lophis Fate Card RoguelikeWe fused card games and roguelikes together to make the best single player deckbuilder we could. Craft a unique deck, encounter bizarre creatures, discover relics of immense power, and Dark Dungeon Survival-Lophis Fate Card Rougelike is a single-player RPG card game. The game incorporates the popular Roguelike game elements and creates rich unknowns and diversity, ensuring that the game experience is different for each time. In the game world, players need to make choices when encounter emergencies, and defeat the enemies in the adventure combat by establishing card group strategies so as to complete the adventure tour of the roles.

Independent role storyThere are six different careers of roles with different career skills and exclusive cards. Each role has an independent plot and independent battle ending.Different chapters of the plotA total of four chapters are included. Maps and the regional guardians of each chapter are randomly generated.

Best Roguelike game,fused card games and roguelike together!

Players need to defeat the final boss to clear the stage.A Large number of emergenciesRandom emergencies will occur during the game and different decisions need to be made so the entire adventure may be influenced. Currently more than 60 emergencies have been designed in the game.Brain-burning card group building

The card group building in the game adopts the method of DBG, which means players do not have to choose from a big card pool to build their own card group. There will be a set of initial card groups according to different careers. Players can constantly acquire other cards during the game process and gradually perfect the card groups that are suit them.Contact with usFacebook https//www.facebook.com/LophisRoguelike/

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Hello developers! I really enjoyed the game and the art. But I have run into a bug that prevents me from continuing the story. THE SECOND BOSS DOESN'T SPAWN. If you click on the 2nd boss's level you'll have a blank screen only with the background. NoteI have viewed the prophet. Please fix asap. Thanks! Edit It seems the glitches / bugs are still here in the current version. Please fix!

Just downloaded this game after leaving it for a while. That means all my data got wiped, im fine with that. My point is that i only have basic start cards available to me right now and i destroyed all four bosses relatively easily (the last boss is indeed very difficult). There is a grindwall if you want to unlock more elaborate cards, but every boss is beatable from your very first game. You just need to know the combos and how the cards work which does take some run throughs.

This game is awesome The gameplay is cool and all but im having a problem with the glitches Every time I reach the boss the game crashes or the boss does not appear. Please fix the bug as soon as possible. To all the people who want to buy this game,its totally worth the money, the game has a good story line(to me) and is very entertaining.

Love the game, it's the most played game I've ever downloaded! Highly recommend and can't wait to see some new characters. I have however have a problem with 2 cards; Card blast, which doesn't do magic damage like the description says it does physical, and Pain to gain, which says it deals physical but instead it does pierce damage. Again love the game hope someone reads this soon and addresses the card issue otherwise issue free. )

Ive defeated the last boss plenty of times and i havent payed for any upgrades or whatever. Granted it too several attempts to figure out the most ideal deck, but thats kinda what gives the game its time played. Yes, it was and is dofficult to beat the fi al boss and even sometimes the third boss. Thats part of the challenge and the rng isnt a game killer like some say. Overall, this is a great game for anyone with the patience to try again and, the understanding to learn.

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