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Hearts Free is a classic competitive card game, and MobilityWare's artificial intelligence in this free Hearts card game ensures YOUR play has the competitive edge, Hearts card master!Hearts may call to mind card games like spades plus cribbage plus euchre-but if you don't play those games, don't worry-this free Hearts game will teach you how to play with our intuitive AI. Plus, our artificial intelligence adapts to your Hearts card game play style. Play feels fair, even though your artificial intelligence Hearts opponents are some smart bots. But while playing them can feel like a challenge, MobilityWare's Hearts free hints AI feature is at your disposal and the smartest of them all! AI bot opponents offer another major benefit-you can play them offline, so no wifi is required to play Hearts free!Ever play a card game with real online users and experience inconveniences? Never worry about other users taking too long or abandoning a game in this free card classic. Enjoy the adaptability of AI, and benefit from MobilityWare's free Hearts hints system, which always puts you in a clear position to win the free Hearts card games you play! Plus-this free Hearts game is loaded with artificial intelligence and we guarantee when you play, you'll just notice your sense of relaxation and fun.

Get Excited for Features!Whether you're going to Shoot the Moon as a Hearts card master or just starting to get into the game or totally new to Hearts, you'll find our free card game has a setting for your comfort and challenge level.Artificial Intelligence -We cannot stop talking about this card game's adaptive and fair AI features! -Playing Hearts free is a cinch with smart opponents

Play Hearts free! Play easy to learn offline games against AI opponents.

-And our even more intelligent free Hints featurePlay Offline, Anytime-Wifi? Who needs it?-No need to wait around for real users to log on with this free Hearts card game-And no need to have game delays when their internet lags-Reliable AI bots want to play cards with you all day, no internet requiredFair Play

-Learn to play a game with our simple start guide and free automated advice (which you can turn off!)-Use as many free Hints as you like, powered by the smartest AI in our app!-Use the free Undo function as many times as you like if you need to rethink your movesSome Tips for Hearts Beginners!-Scoring points in Hearts free is not a good thing (unless you collect ALL available points)-Each hearts suit card is worth 1 point-Beware the Queen of Spades-a card worth 13 points!-If you collect all points available in the game, they get thrown to your opponents in a dramatic feat called Shooting the Moon!

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Fun game . It works very nicely and it is barely glitchy. And there is a reasonable amount of ads. I love this game. It is very simple to play and easy to learn. And I can't do it on my computer.

fun game. the only thing missing is I wish it had the jack of diamonds in play with it.

Mobility warehouse have done it again. Great game easy game play. Keep it up guys.

Great game! Classic hearts with competitive mode and relaxed mode.


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