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EnigmBox logic puzzles : Do you really know your mobile phone? Open the box and solve unique puzzles.

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EnigmBox  logic puzzles

Only 5 players did it and do you have a challenge? Do not expect that we will answer the boring questions of an old man with a white beard. In Enigox, you need to play with all the functions of manipulated and playback of a mobile phone with a device, why first move it, take pictures, videos, speak, connect some things, press the buttons and more. Children can solve 90 puzzles, without interrupting sweat, they imagine a "simpler" and the most "logical" solution. So I don t excuse and oh, I...

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Monument Valley : Illusory adventure of impossible architecture and forgiveness

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Monument Valley

In the monument valley you manipulate impossible architecture and lead a silent princess through an extremely beautiful world. He leads the silent princess Ida through mysterious monuments, discovering hidden paths, leading optical illusions and overcoming enigmatic people in cunning. "One of the most beautiful hours. And the value of such a thing is the unpredictable "Kotaku" brilliant design. 5/5 "Tocco ArcadeBeautiff inspired by a minimalist 3D project, optical illusions and buildings and...

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Lumosity Brain Training : Train your knowledge with games that are directed by heart, reasoning and more.

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The Brightys cognitive training program is a fun and interactive way to train brain and know how your mind works. Used by over 100 million people around the world, the Lumosity program consists of games designed to practice memory, speed, flexibility and resolution problems. A 10 -minute adaptation test to set basic results and see how to compare your age with others. Brain and advanced cognitive research. We undertake joint cognitive and neuropsychological tasks or create completely new and...

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Energy AntiStress Loop : It s the perfect game to relax and challenge yourself. Antistress and Calm, have fun.

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Energy AntiStress Loop

The energy game is very calm, touches the line ", and several levels a day are sufficient to combat the problems of obsessive compulsive and anxiety. Make a bright and classic game compared to other logical games thanks to its simplicity, energy is very satisfactory and will illuminate the creative side of the brain. Start playing and relax wherever you are, and charges the battery, if the body battery is very low, energy is a way to charge it. Where are you at the airport, on a train or bus,...

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brain code hard puzzle game : Stimulating and unique brain games you absolutely want to play in.

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brain code  hard puzzle game

Five words that fully describe the brain of the game that you should use all brain power to fill all puzzles. Do not make levels of levels can be everywhere on one of the previous levels, on a friend s phone, and even on maps (seriously, without jokes) and much more. In short games and experiences in a short period of experience in UnivagamePlay Attiri with Greatjokes Inllusodfyiwe gave you enough advice to complete the game. Information about the foot foot 0x000LVL09 (bad level control sum)...

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Cross Logic Smart Puzzle Game : Use tips to solve logical puzzles and win this intelligent brain game!

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Cross Logic Smart Puzzle Game

How does this logical game work? Download and open this trailer, solve the cerebral puzzles and riddles of grilled progress through levels (there is a lot to play and) Increase brain power wins this intelligent game, and now you can forget about everything about Put with the brain and because here you are "discover only the best Logical puzzles that challenge you and at the same time entertain you. Logical testing testing, brain trailer and quizzes and secrets in cross logic, you will never...

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Brain It On! Physics Puzzles : Finding deceptive physics for your brain

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Brain It On!  Physics Puzzles

By cheating physics puzzles for your brain and draw shapes to solve the demanding puzzle of physics. Dozens of physics puzzles that ruin the brain, and most added always compete with friends about the brain and crowned different ways to solve each puzzle, can you find the best solution? Share your unique solutions and compare with friends all levels can be unlocked for free, winning stars at previous levels. You can also buy a game to remove all ads, unlock all suggestions, unlock the levels...

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Project Terrarium : Solve the puzzle, unlock small robots and save the planet!

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Project Terrarium

# 70 audio diaries# original type of...

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Railbound : Puzzle of the railway track

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Railbound is a comfortable game on the track of dog couples on train travel around the world. Beer, so that the "Chothooplace train leaves, remove and redirect the connections to connect to the wagons safely with the locomotive. But do not be careful and do not be careful and do not be careful and do not be careful and do not be careful and do not be careful and do not pay attention to others, and 150 puzzles to complete our main levels, lead you through various places to a relaxed pace. The...

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Math | Riddles and Puzzles Mat : Challenge yourself in the game of complicated puzzle of mathematics and interesting puzzles

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Math | Riddles and Puzzles Mat

Your free time is a more significant puzzle of Nowath, it reveals your mathematical talent through cerebral games hidden in geometric forms. You will train both parts of the brain by examining the relationships between numbers in geometric shapes and expand your mind boundaries. Cognitive puzzles are a type that will attract the attention of intelligent and intellectual children. You will solve the relationship between numbers in geometric drawings and finally complete the missing numbers....

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