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Cafeland Restaurant Cooking : Design your coffee world and join the cooking game in the restaurant of the chef Eva!

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Cafeland  Restaurant Cooking

Design your coffee world and join cooking with the game in the restaurant of the chef Eva and write your restaurant history in Cafland, chef and master your kitchen and designed your 5 -staring coffee to be the best chef in the world and manage your restaurant and let Her to be incurred in kitchen fever and cooked meals at home and fresh coffee for customers await. I am already saying that decorating my coffee and patients is also added by a beautiful garden and "and your coffee will overtake...

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Cooking Mama Let s cook! : Create delicious food and serve!

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Cooking Mama Let s cook!

The delicious food you create will certainly make you hungry, cook and cook food by playing funny mini games. Place a lot of things by fishing, growing plants in the fields and animal breeding in your ranch. Reduce a lot of exchange for food and a gameplace and play games not related to such such as "Help Out", "Play Shopkeers" and "Exercise your brain. Try to get high results and challenge the ranking and compete in weekly events for events better results and join global rankings and other...

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Food Street Restaurant Game : The game of cooking and restaurants decorates my coffee, dinner and bakery! Tasty cooking food!

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Food Street  Restaurant Game

Cook and serve as a chef in their history of a restaurant or bakery in Food Street, and you are the master of the chef in his cooking history, kitchen, restaurants and restaurants. You can even adopt funny and charming pets to attract guests in this culinary game and renew your bakery, cafe, restaurant or truck with food and serve tasty food for customers in my land of coffee and grow tasty ingredients in the garden, cooks delicious recipes in recipes In a funny 3D restaurant and a Cafland...

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My Cafe Restaurant Game : Serve cakes, coffee and not only in the city in this adventure simulator for the kitchen

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Build your coffee from scratch and replace it with restaurant 5, which will be the city s speech. Let s go and what is in this exciting adventure of cooking games? Play in a realistic coffee simulator in this coffee games simulator, use entrepreneurship skills to develop your coffee business. Becho, Cocy and transforms a simple cafe as a restaurant reward with crazy kitchen. From the waiters to baristas to the organizer of cooking, with such a team, there is no way to win the challenge of the...

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Kuma Sushi Bar : Rice rice! Perfect Japanese food recipes for food! Decorate and manage the restaurant!

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Kuma Sushi Bar

These legs are created to ... cut sushi and a new refreshing adventure and no customer will resist the delicious menu of your sushi bar, helping the charming chef of Pad in his research to face his family heritage and new management? Certainly, things work without problems with additional legs and are heading to the pool of strange, well -known animals that will help you manage the restaurant, while decorating to satisfy specific tastes (or customers). Maki this coffee at home and practice...

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Animal Restaurant : Take a stray kitty, throw a restaurant.

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Animal Restaurant

Will you accept this clumsy and dirty kitty and let him act in your restaurant? You can learn all types of recipes, such as taiyaki, strawberry pancakes, shaved ice and spaghetti, as well as a sandwich with pizza and avocado, mix and combine all mobile styles. We have dessert tables in the European style, Japanese Mediterranean fences and ovens, and you can also organize a tea event in Alice Garden in Wonderland and take a nice cat staff, including a cat ragdoll, a table of tabby and a great...

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My Hotpot Story : Cook in the kitchen and restaurant

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My Hotpot Story

In this game you will play the role of the owner of the Hot Pot restaurant, developing various dishes from hot pots, creating daily shopping plans, customer service, training chefs and waiters, shopping, opening a chain of stores, etc. Have fun in managing a restaurant on a vase and enjoy All types of delicious dishes, in particular Chinese...

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Star Chef 2 Restaurant Game : Do agriculture, collect, cook and manage a coffee company in the city

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Star Chef 2 Restaurant Game

Hey chef and are you ready to cook delicious dishes in your restaurant? Admit times, growing vegetables on a farm and cook various delicious kitchens from around the world in your hotel and serve them to customers. Thanks to your creativity and the latest tools, build a restaurant of your dreams and free cooking fever, becoming part of the chef s community. Meet the best chefs and visit their restaurants, join them, farm and cook, and also be able to win the title of chef s master,...

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World Chef : Build a restaurant, take new chefs and cook for your VIP customers

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World Chef

Play World Chef, a game of restaurants and cooking the most beautiful recipes for attracting VIP customers. Exclusive Halloween functions only available for a limited time and do you like exotic food? Are you more a person of burgers and tokens? In any case, in World Chef kitchens there is a place for the most international kitchen game, with chefs and recipes of over 20 nationalities and world chefs is a happy place where the kitchen never ends, a waiter, who always has a great smile on his...

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Cooking Fever Restaurant Game : Discover recipes and tasty food in the kitchen! Be a professional chef manages your restaurant!

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Cooking Fever Restaurant Game

Cook delicious meals and desserts in your restaurant and discover a few cuisines from around the world in this fascinating game among small management and with a wide selection of unique places and restaurants, from sweet desserts to appetizing burgers, from Chinese to Indian kitchens, you will practice your cooking skills in various kitchens and learn unique techniques for food preparation from around the world and unlocks hundreds of delicious recipes for preparation and serving in a...

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