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Prison Escape Puzzle Adventure : Solve puzzles to escape, find a way out, a prison game for an escape room, an evacuation game in the room.

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Prison Escape Puzzle Adventure

The Escape game finds tips, objects and solving puzzles to escape, do you like the thrill associated with adventure escapes in prison? Escape, you need to find a way out with mind and logic. Can you get away from prison and finish all the escape puzzles? It shows that you are the master of Evader by solving prison challenges / prison. Cells easy to store blocks for storing a safe level of workshops Floorsalcatraz escape prison. The escape of the prison begins in the Alcatraz block, but after...

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Faraway Puzzle Escape : One of the most exciting escape games. Escape of the room is full of a mysterious puzzle

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Faraway Puzzle Escape

Run to the ancient temples in escaping a distant puzzle full of challenges and mysterious puzzles. This evacuation game in the room will certainly undermine your ability to escape and captivating stories that follow your father s footsteps. Your journey will take you from the deserts and deserts to the old ruined ruins of mysterious civilization. Watch the environment, collect objects, manipulate devices and solve disturbing puzzles to escape from the maze of the temple. Escape games and...

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Hospital Escape Room Escape : Save the patient and go for an exploration journey.

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Hospital Escape Room Escape

The player will act as a psychologist in search of the body of consciousness in the patient s subconscious. Players can collect tips to understand the incentives of the disease, and finally make every effort to restore the patient s awareness, and through this process he examines the truth about the death of parents. The background of the game : In the current hospital, the department was full of a heavy and depressive atmosphere, and the wind Yin surrounded the hospital, as if blocked...

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Dream EscapeRoom Escape : Discover the truth of dreams and taste the internal fear of humanity.

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Dream EscapeRoom Escape

Lovecrafter, my distant uncle died, inherited his whole heritage and moved to his wooden house in the deep mountains and forests. Since then, absurd and strange dreams have been repeated every night, and disgusting monsters in dreams are constantly...

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The Room Two : Time journey

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The Room Two

Welcome to the second room, physical mystery, wrapped in a mysterious game, in a wonderfully touching world of 3D. Follow in the footsteps of mysterious letters from the enigmatic scientist known only as "as" in the convincing world of mystery and exploration. Fascinating experience with intelligent puzzles, wonderful paintings and a ghostly atmosphere; Absolutely full of new ideas. "Edge fiction work interspersed in a perfectly suitable way for your format, it is a kind of game for which it is...

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NOX Mystery Adventure Escape : Can you escape? Find hidden objects and solve riddles in a mysterious adventure

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Search, find, run and mysterious, difficult and full of surprises and Nox takes you to the old mysterious court full of puzzles and secrets waiting for you to reveal. Hidden items and mechanisms do you have intelligence to solve the care around this mysterious court and escape? ️ Beautiful graphic graphics and unique unique graphics. residence? You are right, a detective, but it will not be so easy that it will not be so easy to keep a fresh head, each room hides a much more secret than you can...

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Cube Escape Seasons : Play Sease Escape Seasons, a rusted game on the lake and click the game in the Escape room!

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Cube Escape Seasons

Start collecting objects, researching the surrounding environment, and soon you will realize that something is wrong ... The Escase Seasons cube is the first episode of the Escape Cube series and part of Rusty Lake...

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Cube Escape Harvey s Box : Can you escape? Escape from Harvey s box, including Rusta Lake Escape Room!

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Cube Escape Harvey s Box

It helps Harvey find an exit, discovering the target of strange objects scattered over the box, a fruit, a comb and a box of cigars. Cube Escape Harveys Box is the fourth episode of the Cube Escape series and part of Rusty Lake...

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Cube Escape Paradox : Detective Dale Vandermeer must escape from the escape room from the ankle to Rusty Lake

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Cube Escape Paradox

When the well -known detective Dale Vandermeer wakes up in a disturbing room without the memory of his past, he soon found himself part of a strange game organized by an old enemy. The Cube Escape paradox is presented by the crossover singles, the game, atmosphere and wealth of puzzle fans were not perforated, he would expect after the tenth cube of Johan Schert Safe Sound Column and atmospheric Victor Butzelaar The powerful vocal vocals vocal vocal vocal vocal David Bowles is the support of 14...

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Unwanted Experiment : Someone kidnapped you. Escape from being part of a strange experiment

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Unwanted Experiment


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