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Crayola Create and Play : Coloring, drawing, learning, games, art and educational classes for children!

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Crayola Create and Play

Spark Creativity from Crayola Crea E Play and Crayola Creates and Play is the official Crayola application for children aged 3 to 8 years, designed to develop creative trust and enjoy new frequent classes to help the child to imagine, experiment and develop each month and discovering dozens of creative games and enjoy the infinite hours of productive game. Crayola creates, and the game encourages curiosity, artistic independence and is a safe place to develop herself. This is much more than...

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Sketchbook : Draw and paint the device with feeling and freedom of drawing on paper

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Artists and illustrators love sketchbooks for their set of professional functions and highly configurable tools. Everyone loves the sketchy book because of the elegant interface and the experience of natural drawing, without interference, so that you can focus on capturing and express your ideas. Aerograms, stripes and more than they seem that their physical counterparts are highly configurable, so they can only create aspect of guides, sovereign and stroke tools, when layers are needed with a...

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Coloring games for kids age 2 : Enjoy the colors, drawing and learning a child with the application for coloring children!

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Coloring games for kids age 2

Your child can color all types of wonderful animals, including dolphin, club and LW and entertain, discover new talents, develop imagination and have a lot of fun, and the application has a light and intuitive interface, fantastic animations and sound effects funny gripping boys, girls and coloring pages Children provide a full range of attributes of nice children, a series of vibrant colors and many different coloring tools. Color, save it in the gallery and showed to all friends and family...

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Puzzle and Colors Kids Games : Coloring book for a child to draw, educational puzzle game for the smallest 25 years

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Puzzle and Colors Kids Games

Thanks to the drawings in which you can color, children can express their creativity and develop their artistic skills. By using puzzles and stickers, children can improve their skills related to logic, coordination and control of even smaller manual movements (beautiful motor skills) that each game has a funny scene, different for each character, with many great animations and sounds that can be kept Children interested in learning shapes and colors. Small funny animals that live there, have...

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Toddler Games for 3 Year Olds : Pressure learning games for children aged 24. Play games for kindergarten!

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Toddler Games for 3 Year Olds

Funny and educational games and learn ABC, 123, relationships of numbers, colors and shapes in a funny way with puzzles for the youngest. Battiti Learning Games for preschool children aged 2.3 and children learning for children for kindergarten 2, 3, 4 years is an ideal educational application for learning ABC, 123, numbers that counts for children in kindergarten and kindergarten. Play and learn the world of monsters and have fun with rhymed rhymes, ABC, numbers, colors and shapes for young...

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Drawing Games Draw and Color : Funny games drawings with a coloring book, shine and paint for numbers! Color for children.

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Drawing Games Draw and Color

Why not make both an interesting and creative educational application? Your children can enjoy coloring books and funny and safe drawings that teach shapes, numbers, photos of photos and many others. And drawing activities make it easier for them to sit and start to have fun. Drawing applications allow children to express their emotions and build trust through painting, colors. The kindergarten will love simple but intelligent memory games and coloring pages. Our applications for children have...

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Panda Games Coloring and Paint : Coloring and painting that children love!

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Panda Games Coloring and Paint

Coloring and painting that children love is now online, and in Panda Games coloring and painting children can free their creativity with many tools for painting and learning numbers, letters, colors and many others, while painting and easy to play, it is very Easy fun and painting, all children only need some taps on the screen, and children, young children, boys and girls of all ages can play with the image and lots of painting tools, which are all types of painting tools such as pastels,...

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Color Kids Coloring Games : A funny game for children who teaches colors and form through funny games learning!

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Color Kids Coloring Games

What do you see through the window, what do you see? Colors and shapes, green trees, square windows, the whole world of things for identification, colors and shapes is a fun and educational game for preschool children who help teach the combination of objects and color recognition skills. The color and shape focus on the basic track, correspond to and build children of kindergartens, which they have to train. It presents a series of unique minigur designed to increase the child s ability to...

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Coloring Games Color and Paint : Coloring book for children! Learn color, paint, neon lights using educational games.

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Children love to play coloring pages, and this coloring book is one of the best books for coloring and painting for children, and games of coloring pages are full of fun, colorful and creative tools of drawing and painting, which help children of all ages in creating art on a mobile device. There are more ways that the whole family can enjoy, including numbers for numbers, the color of numbers, scarabocchiane modes and all kinds of free coloring pages. If your child is a child or child of...

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Piano Kids Music and Songs : Funny music games. Learn to play tools, great songs and sounds

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Piano Kids  Music and Songs

Music and songs for children piano are a big funny musical box created especially for children and parents to learn to play musical instruments, wonderful songs, discover various sounds and develop musical skills. Use your fingers to play colorful tools such as xylophone, drum set, floor, saxophone, trumpet, flute and electric guitar. , Intellect, sensory and speech. The whole family can jointly develop their musical talent and composition of songs, and everyone can play and have fun, studying...

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