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My Little Pony Magic Princess : The official game for the adventure with Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash and more ponies

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My Little Pony Magic Princess

Sella for fun, friendship and adventure with all the most popular Pons of Equestria in a free official game based on the phenomenal MLP television program. Only Twilight shines a student of Princess Celestia and her friends Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, and the rest can save the day for every horse in the city, using resources, meet nice friends and achieve your dreams. Over 300 characters meet one day the prince or royal princess, adventure day the next day and who knows what to do next. Pretty...

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Hello Kitty Friends : Hello kitty friends in a puzzle game! An exciting adventure with characters from Sanrio!

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Match 2 Blast Puzzle Game of Superatwesome, leader of interactive entertainment for the mobile world. My but charming friend Coy, "Kuromi", finally came to the world of Hello Kitty Friends and hello a nice friend The Pink Skull Hood and Worldfamous Hello Kitty, My Melody, My Melody, Pompurin, Badtzmar, Kerokerokaroppi, Tuxedosam go to the world of puzzle and An exciting adventure with a puzzle with nice sanrio characters and blocks typical of the same blocks of friends and craftsmen of powerful...

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Neko Atsume Kitty Collector : Attract cats by placing food and objects in your courtyard!

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Neko Atsume Kitty Collector

Step 2 waits for cats to visit and attract food with food, and then look at them released with the help of toys and over 40 Catwhite and Black varieties, Tabby and Calicomight, you need special objects to attract these elusive cats. Become Mader Kitty Colletist and fill it out, and you can even take pictures of cats or save them on the device and use them as background and "" [suggested] Android OS...

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Adorable Home : Move with your loved one, decorate your home, he dreamed, share your love!

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Adorable Home

You and your partner have just moved to a new home in the suburbs with a folk companion, a charming cat named Snow. What to do first? We clean so that we can start decorating, and there is a sofa, table and TV service, but not much more. Certainly prepare meals for your partner and feed your kitten (or more kittens) to get love. More cats for your home, so that it is absolutely cute and more cats, more cute moments you get. Do you really like this game? And? Collect sufficient love and unlock...

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Fluffy Fall Fly Fast to Dodge : Avoid the danger in this fast and funny infinite racing game and unlock fantastic characters!

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Fluffy Fall Fly Fast to Dodge

Dash Dash distant in 3D Adventure Entrescuna amazing fun (and incredibly pretty) and take the level after the level, while Pilozzi you are cozy in danger with your finger. It blocks you. The functions of amazing 3D animation are found with the available gameplay, which is popular among children, but still has enough dexterity actions to hurry. Screen screen blocks, escaping flames and include many other dangers that can damage the charming soft soft. Collect gold to unlock over 60 fantastic...

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Cats and Soup Cute idle Game : Are you looking for charming games for animals and cats?

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Cats and Soup  Cute idle Game

US Cute Catz Hav came Hooman I <2021 Google Play India Games Festival Top3 Game> Are you looking for a nice game for cats? Here is a calm forest of animals, in which cats cook their delicious soup and the perfect relaxing game for mothers and cats of cats ᆺ 1. The rearrangea games in the illustration of the faith of cats is so distinguished in the illustration of cartoons, including Ragdoll, Norwegian Forest Cat, Birman, Himalayan , Maine Coon, Siberian, British Brothirira and not and meets...

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Pou : Do you think you have what you need to accept Pou?

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Do you have what you need to take care of your home aliens? And give him food, clean up, have fun and look at developing, while leveling and unlocking various backgrounds and clothes to satisfy your unique taste. How will you adapt your Pou? Nut and take care of the Pou, look at developing and have fun in the game room, collect coins and experiment with laboratory mixtures and adjust the appearance of the Pou, try new clothes, hats and glasses, and adjust the background results and unlock and...

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My Tamagotchi Forever : Classic virtual toy! It s time to try the original animal simulator

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My Tamagotchi Forever

The official game Tamagothi stopped on mobile phones and re -discover its favorite virtual retro animal in this new interpretation of the classic game. Comrade from Kawai "(cute) clothes for unforgettable moments. By defining the care offered and the things you do, they evolve in several forms of Tamagothi as he increases. And soon they are evolving and will play in miniGamy and discover the Tamagotchis house and collect all available Tamagothi and from children to adults, do not let them from...

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Piffle : Ready for aiming at the fire! Play the most nice adventure game with cats

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Cats and put a cat, mix colorful worlds, stop the harmful block of document and create charming rifle balls to collect. How to play? Scroll or drink your finger to choose the best possible corner to slow down, to slow down and break all blocks, how to win? Broken as many times as possible so that the combination and obtaining high results are collected by objects, rifle balls and use power supplies to increase your results, use your strategic joke to beat your friends and why will you love...

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Pocket Love : Renew, decorate and expand your home! Create the life of your dreams!

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Pocket Love

Reduce and move to a new charming life, and your partner and animals are waiting for them to share the charming and funny moments together ... What do you wait to decorate and develop the house you have always dreamed of? Is this the sound of birds in your garden? The smell of homemade pancakes? What about new rooms to fill all kinds of furniture? Enjoy the game of inactive simulation of life in which you can choose between the catalog of various furniture and classes to make and create a house...

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