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BarSim Bartender Game : Pour. Shake. Shake. Seriously! Barsim is a hyper -realist game for a bartender

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BarSim Bartender Game

Really and get ready to touch the internal bartender while learning and mastering over 100 most popular recipes for cocktails, you earn suggestions that you can exchange with the inpp bartender tools and other gameplay updates and finally apply for your place in our best bartender rankings. This is true because it arrives, and Barsim is the culmination of over 15 years of bartender, bartender training and impressions on the subject. Three years in preparation we worked tirelessly to make sure...

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Drink iss Drinking games : Choose from "Kiss", "Dar", "Truth" or "Pij" in this game for drinking party.

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Drink iss Drinking games

True or dare to drink, drink or kiss this game, there are things that you have never seen before the original content, amazing challenges, but above all. VICIOUS) 5 Game modes between FriendslilBertineultimate for couples who drink a game that suffers from a mediocre party or boring prayer? Save the night by taking an application that notices the heat and everyone is something for this drinking game, especially for those who love (un) night nights. What would you prefer, roles, rules, battles,...

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Bartender The Celebs Mix : Take care of the bar and mix the perfect drinks to make your customers happy.

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Bartender The Celebs Mix

Did Miguel employ a new work at the 5star hotel, but can he meet the needs of the guests? Guests will ask for specific drinks and use tips to choose the right ingredients. They are ready, give it to the guest and check if they are their perfect drink ... or if you have to start again. Are you ready to face the last Bartenese challenge and show that you will have the task of Barder The Festive...

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My Cocktail Bar : Fast and practical application that will help you create the best home cocktails!

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My Cocktail Bar

Do you have alcohol, drinks and fruits and ask yourself which cocktails can you make? My bar is for you. Choose only which ingredients you have, and my bar will show a list of all cocktails that you can enjoy and offer friends. Do you really care about 9,000 cocktails that offer other applications? Most of them probably won t like them. You can easily see what you need to add exactly to the shelf to develop a list of cocktails. Choose which ingredients are on the bar shelf, see how many...

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iDrink Drinking Games (joke) : Drinking the phone is the best simulated game of drinking juices. All for free

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iDrink Drinking Games (joke)

Do you like a joke? Do you like drinking? Do you like me that I drink juice? Do you like to play with friends with friends? ‍ we provided you with a great drink simulator called Brind your drink that I have applications that are the best drinking games for children and adults to drink tasty juice, cold, water, milk, tea, hard and you can easily add strawberry, lemonade, watermelon, watermelon Grapes and orange, etc. Your drink producer in your mouth. Simulator Super Melma is not only a game on...

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Do or Drink Drinking Game : Simple drinking cards. The latest party game. Perfect for a home party

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Do or Drink  Drinking Game

We just gave you an idea for a Christmas party, later they thanked and a drink based on 2 or more players. There are no restrictions on how many people can play, but we recommend a maximum of 2328 players) Choose cards that adapt to setting yourself in the place where you play, and the people you play with, not forgetting to take pictures, because things Because things can become blode, and now, when you shot down the rules, don t hesitate to download the application. All you need is an...

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Be a Bartender! : Learn and serve your favorite classic cocktails against the clock!

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Be a Bartender!

Have you ever wanted to be on the other side of the bar? Smile crazy nights that serve excellent drinks for enthusiastic and unpredictable guests and take care of your station and learn to prepare your favorite classic cocktails with the atmosphere of grace and visible control. However, warn you, do not take care of too long, make sure you continue these satisfied guests, and the functions get the conservation program during the day to unlock new cocktails and discover the best ways to satisfy...

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Cocktail Flow Drink Recipes : #1 Cocktail application! Discover the recipes for cocktails in a way you have never experienced before

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Cocktail Flow  Drink Recipes

Flow of Cocktail cocktail guide, well presented with step by step wires and functions, and the functions that you will love if you are a beginner bartender or a professional mixologist. Now we have intensified the application with carefully selected content and premium functions to improve the flow of cocktails every day. My bar, my cabinet, cocktail ingredients that you have at home on the cabinet website and check which drinks you can prepare for them. Find a cocktail that you are looking for...

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Drink Master : Pour cocktails, beer and colorful drinks like a real bartender! Don t forget about ice!

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Have you always dreamed of working as a bartender? Think about cocktails and drinks perfectly paid for life? Always be beer in a glass? So drinking a Master is a game for you and becomes a drink master. Alcohol and show everyone that you can create the perfect cocktail and don t forget to add ice cubes. This extremely simple game (but fascinating e) allows you to mix various colorful drinks in extremely refreshing compositions and give for free. With beer? No problem, and your task is to mix...

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Drink Roulette Drinking games : Funny challenges related to pitches! Application for 2 or more Guzzler to celebrate heavy

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Drink Roulette Drinking games

Maybe in the middle of the game ... I love roulette, but you don t have money to spray in the casino. Sweet n slick️ The project on the completely original principles of your evening battles in which the winner takes everything and the loser ... Chugs. ️ Dirty I have never done "games games that can most likely survive ..." Well or wild voices would prefer speed games and playing party of House, this is waiting for a drink of a drink with 9 game modes, each designed to the soul of the mood of...

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