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Jungle Heat War of Clans : Take your army to victory over the enemy! Jungle treasures headrests!

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Jungle Heat War of Clans

Your task is to free native wealth, tear them away from blood in pregnancy and demanding them, and the treasures of the jungle will be safe and healthy in your deposits. So it strengthens the walls, aim to soldiers and after fighting and brutal biiters, military bases, wild jungle and everything that was shown with beautiful graphics, weapons, strength and buildings that will delight the most die -hard fans of battle. If you want to continue playing on another device or social networks, go to...

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Hero Sky Epic Clash : Discount with enemies and fight for trophies in this epic strategic game!

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Hero Sky Epic Clash

Join the weapon with your friends to fight in the spectacular wars of the guild against players from around the world and adapt your favorite hero and diving in infinite battles, proving the only combination of soldiers and heroes and build your village in an impenetrable fortress, in which the world demands supplement Features of the sky. Freely play and command in 100 different times, which goes beyond heroes with surprising skills and Almighty Zeus with her lightning to the keyopat of the...

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Jungle Clash : Collect the deck of fighters and take a jungle in this new CCG strategy!

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Jungle Clash

Jungle Clash is a new online strategy game with PVP battles actually dynamic and captivating elements of MOBA. Gather the unique waist of your most beloved fighters, armored vehicles and defended by a mobile impact on the jungle, destroy the enemy towers and achieve great victories in the engaging fight with rivals from around the world, and the situation is very dangerous and this urgent relationship of the theater of military operations acts as direct tests . Yes, we heard strange sounds that...

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Boom Beach : Crush the beach and win the day!

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Boom Beach

Welcome to Boom Beach with a plan or stay in a defeat and fight the bad blackgard with the brain and muscles in this epic game in the combat strategy. If you do not want to use this function, set the password protection for purchasing in the Google Play Store application...

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Clash of Wizards : Clash of Wizards in this world full of magic!

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Clash of Wizards

A world in which orcs, goblins, non -dead and man are immersed in an infinite battle to take control of the magic arena, the source of all magic. The main magic tower, two crystal towers and some battle troops are the only defense that you need to collide with enemies and determine the control over the Royale arena. Give your battle troops and cast spells to defeat the Battle Force and Clash of Wizard and take them all and complete your collection and find the perfect strategy, win the battles,...

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Clash of Lords 2 Guild Castle : The epic world of fantasy and action returns to the collision of lords 2!

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Clash of Lords 2 Guild Castle

5 stars and a smooth game and are you ready to go down and punish someone? With your favorite collision of lords 2 fights in free madness against the strength of terrifying demons and controls the action and becomes the greatest master of war on Earth. To survive, you will need a witness, will and we cannot come up with a word necessarily, but you have a picture. Time of collision and collision of lords 2 is a strategic game with funny and innovative twists and turns. Try over 50 heroes and...

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Tower Clash : PVP, real -time battles

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Tower Clash

Now it begins to expand your territory and competes with hundreds of thousands of players online and experiments the battle for a convincing tower and by the creators of the art of Legions of War, Tower Clash is a game of strategy in real time focused on soldiers and towers. It is easy to start and you can constantly improve the battle strategy and tactical tower tutorials along with traveling to the game. In the game, you can increase the level of the arena by competing with other players and...

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Castle Clash World Ruler : Join Epic Battles and compete with players in the server championships!

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Castle Clash World Ruler

The new era appeared in Castle Clash, and the long and wide gentlemen gather in ski to compete for fame and glory, and war drums are played. The global internship never perforated. Proportions and powerful heroes and evoke powerful spells in their conquest. Build a wonderful empire and fall in history as the greatest ruler of war and the features of the world in the world explore the system of development of a non -linear base and choose how you want to update your base and give your powerful...

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Clash Royale : Clash Royale is a battle game in real time in Clash Universe.

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Battle game for many players comes with Clash of Classe creators in real time with your favorite characters clashes and more. Start fighting players from around the world and become a master of strategy and deck, who builds unique cards on the battle waist and go to the arena on the arena on the battle and put the cards well and break the enemy King E. their towers in a strategic and crazy game. Collect and update 100 CardShog riders and collect and update 100 cards with the clashes of mussels...

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Clash of Clans : Epick strategic fighting game. Build your village, train your soldiers and go to the battle!

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Clash of Clans

Join millions of players around the world, building a village, raise the clan and compete in the epic wars of the clan and barbarian mustache, the fire that will be exchanging wizards and other unique soldiers, wait for you and enter the world and introduces Clash and introducing Clash and introducing the town hall 15, town hall 15, town hall 15, town hall, town hall, the most magical town hall of all time and improve your village and destroy your enemies with two new defense of the tower and...

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