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Idle Egg Factory : Put as many eggs as possible

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Idle Egg Factory


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Merge Chicken Idle Tycoon : Chicken? + chicken

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The game is easy, and a simple game combines the same chicken to evolve money with chicken eggs, collects over 50 types of inactive...

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Galaxy Attack Chicken Shooter : Space Shooter Galaxy War Game Offline No1 shooting, shoots action games

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Galaxy Attack Chicken Shooter

Strike Galaxy Attack Shoot Em up War Chicken Church is the best game in online shooting the best arcade game around the world and promises to create a serious earthquake in Google Play. In a huge space there are always brutal forces with plots that can attack May, May or Animals that are intelligent as human ... They can attack our beautiful land at any time and hit a foreign galactic galactic galactic spatial chicken, bring an epic war with the invading squadron chicken. Stronger weapon. The...

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Chicken Toss Jetpack Game : Have fun, playing, introducing chickens with cannons and showing that they can fly!

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Chicken Toss Jetpack Game

And who said chickens can t fly? These gangling birds are ready to prove that you are wrong during the premiere of the chicken, and now you join this funny game of birds and help the chicken realize your dream of achieving new highlands and powerful cannons and a wide range of unusual gadgets, chickens are determined to contribute to their small and Soft wings and fly enough to finally get the Flying Bird title. Will you help you do this? Chicken Toss is a fun and original premiere game and...

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My Chicken Virtual Pet Game : Do you have what you need to take care of your child s chicken?

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My Chicken Virtual Pet Game

This is your little chicken, a new virtual pet and find out how it is a small chicken for animals to caress your chicken, react and behaves differently, depending on how you treat it, so be careful and try to love and take care About him the same as a real animal, so you have the one you have to adopt, love, play, dress, teach, clean and decorate chicken and his little home? We worked a lot so that my game for virtual animals with chicken plays for animals with multiplayer, so that you can play...

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Chicken Gun : Pistol chickens 5 vs 5 teams

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Chicken Gun


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Chicken Evolution Idle Game : Combine mutated chickens to create species that will never become pepper!

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Chicken Evolution Idle Game

Chickens certainly have reasons to be angry, but this is to change when the mutations begin to conduct egg farm. Poultry is ready to take and combine chickens to evolve and discover their most interesting, exotic and bizarre shapes and start playing the next game of the Evolution Tapps series. Combine them and create new mysterious light creatures, many phases, eggs and chicken species to discover an unexpected mix of dynamics of the evolution of creatures and clicks of the game, incremental...

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Crossy Road : Arcade Hopper Infinite

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Crossy Road

Join over 200 million players around the world and experience a huge viral success n. 1 Hipster whale and the same multiplication mode of devices competes with friends and family on the same device. Do not miss your characters and go to the game settings and sign with Google Play to save your characters, game progress, results and results, and after accessing your progress will be saved on the Google Play account to restore the game progress, go to the settings and click Restoring game to...

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Chicken Shooter Galaxy Attack : Save the earth before inviting chickens!

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Chicken Shooter Galaxy Attack

Your goal will be demanding because you will have to save the universe from its intergalactic chickens. In this shooter "Bullet Hell" you will have to face the growing number of bullets and enemies. As the game progresses, you will get the right to update the space vehicle to lead him to full fatal ability. If you like the shooting game and survive agility to fly through the deadly territory of the enemy, defeat all foreign shooters and save the mode of multiply Falcon Squad their Falcon Easy...

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Egg, Inc. : Build a huge egg breeding!

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Egg, Inc.

Cova chickens, house buildings, rental, commission examination, spatial shipments (E) to build the most advanced egg farming in the world. chickens. In addition to the wise selection of investments, you also need to balance resources to ensure regular and efficient egg conduct. He will love the emerging game and the depth offered by the various styles of the game needed during the game. To achieve the final purpose of having an astronomical egg ginomby, you will have to balance strategies in...

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