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The Legacy 3 : Open the door to another world!

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The Legacy 3

Studies of the causes of a mysterious epidemic will have rather unpredictable consequences ... Heritage Tree of Power "is an adventure game in the genre of a hidden object, with many minibs and puzzles, unforgettable characters and complex missions. The Grand Historical Museum Recription organized by Deborah Whitwick became known throughout the country. The urgent trip was organized to fill the archipelago in the hope of finding information about the nature of the disease. Discover the cause of...

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The Mooseman : Atmospheric adventure based on mysterious myths of Chud tribes.

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The Mooseman

The average world was inhabited in people, and the upper world consisted in the fact that the ancients would be residents. You will visit three layers of this universe, the first is the lower world in which the ghosts of the dead live. Discover the worlds inspired by the permanent diving of animals in a deep atmosphere of folk music of the coma, meets pains and ghosts for a long time, ancient myths of Finnugric tribes do not expect an easy journey, there are puzzles in dark unlocked new skills...

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Murder in Alps Hidden Mystery : Interactive criminal adventure! Playing hidden objects exciting full mortal puzzles

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Murder in Alps Hidden Mystery

Murder in the Alps is a unique adventure game and is a completely interactive criminal novel with amazing features of hidden items. In a hotel hidden in one of the most beautiful places in the Alps. The story begins when one of the guests disappears and does not spend much time before other strange events occur. The main character, Anna Myers, from Zurich, who wants to spend a vacation in a quiet and peaceful hotel. Killer. As the game s history progresses, you will visit many unique locations,...

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Survivalquest ZARYA1 STATION : Tests based on text, a mix of scifi and horror in the veins of aliens and dead space

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Survivalquest ZARYA1 STATION

Zrya 1 is research based on the text of survival with science fiction, horror and occasional humor. In this game you will be able to change the story by making choices, creating an adventure. In 2021, the human received a rescue signal from the distant side of the moon and immediately sent four brave people to examine its source. You will monitor astronauts and make decisions that will have a direct impact on history and...

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New York Mysteries 4 : Make sure the current epidemic is not spread.

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New York Mysteries 4

In the context of the last decades, are you sure that there is no minimum threat from humanity that have been overcome a long time ago? New York secrets of Eutbrea, many minigments and puzzles and once again you are transported to New York in the late 1960s. Laura and her trusted colleague from work will have to examine the complicated case of a strange disease that affects the city. Toge, learn that this may have something to do with the mysterious artifact preserved in the archives of the...

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Jekyll and Hyde : Offline inquiry adventure! |. Play the mysterious visual novel Mazm, Story Game.

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Ricreato Story Adventure plays in Jekyll and Hyde and enjoy this classic novel in advance in your time through a visual new and mysterious game in the visual text new functions visual game visual history history game enjoy this game in offline mode without combining adventure and internet played by classic A novel with one electrifying game with dramatization and full of secrets to enrich the story of even more adventure game with better delivery than the drama of the original story game with...

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The White Door : White door is a new adventure game Rusty Lake and Cube Escape creators!

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The White Door

White door is a new Point and Thkes adventure developed by the creators of Cube Escape and Rusty Lake Series. Pickupandplayeasy at the beginning, but it is difficult to put away the interactive story to follow the daily routine and remember memories in a funny way, full of brain trailer and mysterious exclusive excretion of the adventure for the adventure for Rusta Lake in mental health in the mental structure of Rusta Lake with an innovative gameplay, which is absorbing The atmosphere in the...

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The Walking Dead Season One : A series of games recognized by critics and the winner of over 90 Game of the Year awards!

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The Walking Dead Season One

As presented in Tegrazone, The Walking Dead is a series of five -part games (Episode 25 can be bought via InPAPP) in the same universe as the Robert Kirkmans reward series. Play like Lee Everett, a convicted criminal who received a second life in a world devastated by the undead. When the corpses that come back to life and the people who survived, stop at nothing to maintain their safety, protecting an orphaned girl named Clementine can offer him a redemption in a world that went to Hell...

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Tsuki Adventure : He travels in a beautiful Japanese campaign and examines the peaceful world

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Tsuki Adventure

The letter was the grandfather of Tsuki, who was dead, leaving Tsuki a family carrot farm in a rustic mushroom village. Now, here, in the countryside, away from all the noise and stress of previous life, Tsuki quickly appreciate simple things. Regardless of whether it s about fish from Jori The Fox, reading books with those who are giraffe or trying the tastiest ramen bowl made by a good friend of Tsuki, Bobo the Panda. SUKUs Adventure requires reading/writing access to external storage to save...

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Cube Escape Theatre : Can you get away from the ankle? He meets six theater works and escapes from Rusty Lake Theater!

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Cube Escape Theatre

Prepare the stage for all 6 theater works and get ready for the continuation of the journey, when the curtain collapsed, and the Cube Escape Theater is the seventh episode of the Escape Series series and part of the Rusty Lake...

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