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Be a pioneer of aerial war in Warplanes: Aces WW1 Sky. Fight over the battlefields of the First World War and becomes the Ultimate Sky Ace!

The game will take you to the times when the aviation was in its leap of existence - the first machines of the Wright brothers went to heaven only 11 years before the Great War! The engineers were rapidly adapting this new invention in military purposes during the creation of fascinating plans and sometimes strangely looking.

Pilot warningers during the WW1 and become a hero of the skies!

In Warplanes: WW1 Sky Aces Take control over 30 historic airplanes - including Fokker Dr.i, famous for its Manfred Von Richthofen a.k.A. "Red Baron". Others arising from luminous fighters such as ARCO DH.2 to a huge 4-engine bomber such as Sikorsky Ilya Murometers - All planes can be customized and updated.

Choose between two suitable modes for several Playstyles and Skillset. In pilot mode you can simply focus on a combat of air, collect and update the plans. The Leader Squadron mode adds an extra layer to the gameplay: apart from combat, it is also necessary to manage resources, renting and forming pilots and expand the base.

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Warplanes: WW1 Sky Aces user reviews

Add the triplane red baron as a to the enemy, so I can shoot it as a British driver (unless my team is German). Even why the tail gun does not have a recovery but the main gun does? Rather I don't have Coolodowns on none of them or I want a motor cooldown, thank you very much. (The same applies to the WW2 Dogfight game. No cooldowns! And don't limit the ammunition bomb and don't even limit the torpedoes and cannon ammunition. Both games should not have such limits or lights or something. OK? )

It's really well done, if something I say there is no motivation for the player to continue playing once everything is at most. I think the events would make it quite exciting. I also think that speed control can use something of a rework, it is quite annoying not to be able to control speed especially when involving the bombers in which to have a good corner is crucial.

Great game. Only the desire is that the cloud save, or at least the store was on the switch (the original device that I had the game). Also, add even more realistic details such as aircraft burn rather than explode and descend into a spiral. Apart from that it is perfect. "Flying higher, he's king of the sky flying too fast, and he flies high above, tit for tat the legend will never die"! Red Baron Sabaton.

It is a large selection of plans and an infinite amount of missions

Two campaigns for triple entering and one for central powers will allow you to experience all the main fronts of the First World War - Flights above most countries that participated in the conflict in various types of mission. Pilot fighters and bombers. Protect or destroy the goals of the soil. Face powerful zeppelins and anti-aircraft artillery to change the tides of the war.

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