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War dogs are built from a solidel as a flight simulator to offer the most immersive air combat experience

War Dogs is a game of flying flight simulator Air Air War World War with 24 Warplanes of the five major Time-USA, Germany, United Kingdom, Japan and Russia. The game is equipped with the complete wide range of airplanes that have been used in the Great War-Dog Fighters, must-bombers, torpedo-bombers and bombers and long-range bombers. The game has both single-player campaigns and multiplayer arena battles spread over five major war theaters ranging from North Africa deserts to the shores of Japanese islands

Live to fly. Fly to live. Make or die. Ace the sky.

War dogs are built by a solid as a flight simulator to offer the most immersive air combat experience, and difference in most WW II aircraft games on mobile devices, war dogs have arcade and arcade controls of simulation for both beginners who with fighters experts. Take control of all three controls (step, roll and yaw) to pull out basic and advanced air combat maneuvers like the roll of barrel, pitchback, windiver and others like an ACE fighter

Multiplayer: invite your friends and fight with them in Arena style team battles. Choose your team (2 fighters, 1 diving bomber, 1 torpedo bomber, 1 heavy bomber) and implement them. He faces against anti-aircraft guns or the fleet of warships in the battles of land and the sea as they defend their resources. Play in flight simulator mode or Arcade mode depending on the style. Become an ACE fighter leveling and update your Warplanes

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Remember Pearl Harbor (American Campaign): Take the fight with the imperial Japanese navy to their shores. Use the complete strength of American naval air power and avenge attack to the Pearl port. Distribute American upper airplanes such as P-51 Mustang, F4U Corsair, P-47 Thunderbolt, Dauntless SBD, TBF Avenger, and the fortress of B17 Boeing B17 B17

So far it's fantastic. I'm sure you'll add more plains. And I hope you will prefer your best to incorporate the specifications of boats and physics. And I love how simple particles hit you and destroy your job. That's pretty realistic for now.

Good game, amazing and I like fps and scenarios. I am a true civilian pilot in the world, only light aircraft, and it's fun to relax in something more forgiven a Cessna or other aircraft renting. Do not fly "shoot UPS" often unless you offer a first-person choice, not only sight spots, which does it. Good works at the DEVS, from a developer of retired systems and instructor, although in the arena not playing. I made Beta FS2004, which still flies to the virtual skies.

Surprisingly good arcade / simal realistic sim. Features 22 aircraft, although they could use some more Russian birds. That's really my only negative aspect, saying something.

I love this game from a beautiful countryside and a wide variety of strategies and difficulties, as well as the extraordinary graphics but the multiplayer is a bit buggy but still funny the countryside is funny but I would suggest it is like a similar arc mode that allows you to fight others Airplanes Bombardi ships in offline mode so you can earn points to update your planes and buy new ones without needing to play online but otherwise great game but add an arched mode as the mode I want to test my B-17 ??

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