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"Sky Force Reloaded" is the spirit of the Retro Ups Arcade Shoot, captured with modern images and designs. The new entry into the series will keep you entertained with all the things you came to love in sliding shooters. Carnose explosions, laser incinerators, placs and several pilot planes.

"Sky Force Reloaded" is not your top-down medium shooter. You will attract you with its beautiful environments and intense effects. It will keep you with its superb mechanical gameplay, progression system and in-game gaming collectors. He will leave you more, once finished. Fortunately, there is a lot of shooting before it happens.

"Sky Force Reloaded" is the spirit of Retro Arcade Retro UPS

* Master 15 beautiful and immersive stages with challenging missions to complete.* Battle countless invaders with enormous and intimidating bosses. Laugh when they explode, cry when they strike you down.* Assault ground, naval and air enemy forces.* Unlock new difficulty modes, all the way from Normal to Nightmare.* Put yourself in danger to rescue missing operatives from the battlefield.* Assemble and test 9 different aircrafts. Pick your favorite, with its unique features and play style.* Hunt down 30 elusive bonus cards to add even more depth to the gameplay. Some of them will grant permanent benefits, while others will boost your abilities only temporarily.* Install hundreds of upgrades to your guns, shields and other equipment. Turn your jet fighter into a flying tank.* Complete in-game objectives to unlock 8 assisting technicians. Choose one of them to help you with their special skill.* Spot the wrecks of your fallen friends and get rewards for picking them up.* Appreciate highly polished gameplay and well balanced difficulty curve, whether you consider yourself a casual gamer or a die-hard bullet hell fanatic.* Enjoy professional voiceover and incredible electronic soundtrack.* Enter the Weekend Tournament on one of 5 specially crafted infinite stages. Attack your friendsí hi-scores and claim the top position in the loeaderboards!

Welcome to your new favorite shmup. Welcome to Sky Force Reloaded!

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Sky Force Reloaded user reviews

Nice holder with a good response and beautiful rhythm. Only 2 compared: it is very short (it has finished all the levels of difficulty inflamed within 2 weeks) and the multiplayer requires an additional application. Apart from that, it is very pleasant. Very good!

This game is amazing! Better than 1945-3 strikers (in my opinion) has cards, updates, planes, mechanics that you can also use its difficult for neophytes that has not experienced well, I think this is ?? I give you 5 stars and 8/10 gameplay u you know why I do 8/10 because the gameplay is difficult and upgrades the stars are difficult to get (if you have the magnet update it is easy to add infinite survival so you can fight the boss infinitely And yes, good game, worth a 5-star. and a 10/10 review.

The mechanics of the game is well brought to the touch screen and are a perfect use of technology. My fingers are too big to use "use two fingers to turn on your weapon", but does not interrupt the gameplay. I'm late at franchise but it's nice and well done. There are in app purchases but for quality game, it's worth it. And if you are good enough (unlike me) you don't need it.

Great Shoot Em Up Game. From super easy to ridiculously difficult. Great game.

A really fun spatial shooter. The graphics are top notch, colored and the gameplay can be quite compelling and challenging. Also the extras are well implemented and are quite expensive! Great variety in boss levels and battles. I'd like to see more!

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