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Landing on a air carrier is one of the most difficult tasks that a pilot must be executed. The flight bridge is only 150 meters long, that just to stop the plane.

Accept the challenge, take over thirty missions in the most dangerous and spectacular scenarios and join the best pilots of prison.

The most advanced Flight Simulator and Carrier Landing System ever created

Take control, go up in realistic 3D cockpits and fly the most famous military aircraft, faithfully reproduced.

Worldwide browsing and flight plan with 500+ accurate airports, day and night cycle, real-time meteorological conditions, air spaces cartography with over 8,000 waypoints.

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As a retired American Marina, I spent 2 1/2 years abroad, the Enterprise Nuclear Air Crafts Use. I called air air fighting and I love this game. The game for hours for fun, stress management and calling of flight operations abroad great E. I would like to have the ability to attack the goals of the ground with an assortment of weapons. Refiling is my biggest challenge but I love it. Keep the great job in this game. Update: Thanks to the developers for air fighters for air and land lenses

Carrier Landing is a good game I love this game because this game is very interesting and there is a very nice graphic this game is the game is very realistic I love playing this game there are many planes is in this game that I love him I am a Request please from that airplane will be free and there the game is fun this game is a simulator game I'm giving 5 stars for this game ok i love this game so much

I love the game ... you could guys, please add other tops like the F15SG, F16D + and maybe heavy also transport plans and tankers like the KC135 / KC10 or the MRTT A330? And maybe add more missions as an interception of unknown planes or bombing missions? Oh and please add the multiplayer. Can you also add a motor boot and canopy closure function? It would be nice to add in different lines as well as the Marines, the Navy ... etc. And also the ability to add adhesives and personalized things

The game has a potential, but it is not yet present, I liked the graphics but it is not the best, try adding a new graphics and reworking on the F 35 and F18, also the C 130 Hercules needs a rework, so he does the door of the aircraft, but he will need a small verification because he becomes irrelevant, but I still like the game, and you know that there are millions of players who play it, I don't think that you guys want to disappoint them, I vote this game 10/10 and 7 stars if possible. Thanks..

This game is madly realistic as I love games that have real world scenarios with real physics and HD quality graphics! It is very compelling trying to land on the courier while I have tried my landing many times as a reallife you have to aim at the third capture thread. If you guys could put a freefly mode where you can fly all the planes that would be very fantastic! Keep it up! I'm definitely making a YouTube video on this after redownload the game! My yt is cousin nog

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