Burning Sky: Aircraft Combat 3D

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It is a vertical retro shooter that combines the best of classic games with the modern style of the most epic and ambitious aerial combat.

Get the most out of the high-octane beasts of "Burning Sky" and enjoy as can only be enjoyed with a game of aerial combat.

Burning Sky: 3D Aircraft Combat is a vertical retro shooter

Unlimited fun and hilarious combat screens. Dodge enemy attacks and fight against MIGHTY BOSSES! Different fighters and drones: Acquire new skills thanks to improvements and evolutions.

Enjoy the retro "Shoot em up" game and reminisce the 1942, 1945 & Raiden style.

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Burning Sky: Aircraft Combat 3D user reviews

Nice throwback to 80s. Reminds me of Contra. Really enjoying it.

This game is awesome. Please add some more planes and levels to make the game more awesome. Also, please reduce the percentage of how many coins you must collect, how many enemies you should shoot down, and how many HP you should at least, keep while completing the level on each difficulty to make the game easier.

Amazing Superb Fantastic 100 out of 100, playing since a long period and complete entertaining enjoyable and fantastic.

There are SO many game in this genre, way too many. Half of em are big & flashy but with no real quality content & the other half are basically pay to win. However, this one is good. What it has that few others possess is quality. Good graphics, controls, replayability. Only downside is the lack of power ups, but I guess I ll live without em ;P

Wow! This game is amazing! The brilliant graphics are creative and unique. Smooth and pleasing gameplay. Top down shooters are my jam, and this is one of the best examples. Happy to watch ads for game credit. Does get a little grindy as levels go up. Disappointingly, from about level 80 the "flow" is gone. I ve got a near maxed plane and I can no longer progress - too difficult now!

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