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Plan your tactical missions and now starts the challenge of world supremacy. Destroy the ground, the sea and air goals. Fight against waves of enemy planes in the fight for dogs. Thousands of new missions every day: an adventure without limits!

Train and prepared to fight. Test the world supremacy, where it will take part in the best missions published all over the world. Become an ace that flies into dog fighting, where you will have to face more stronger enemy jets: 6 game modes to become a superior gun. Unlock new weapons more and more powerful for each aircraft.

The most advanced fighter fighter and the flight simulator

Using aircraft or airport carriers as a base for your missions, you can expand your range of shares.

Choose an area of ??the world and create your tactical missions, choosing from a huge selection of different aircraft / ground / naval targets. Publish your best missions and let other players evaluate them.

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AirFighters user reviews

This is a fun interactive game where you control your fighter during Arial Dog fights. You can download to play after, but if you have wifi you're nice to go. F! Ying under 3000 feet is gorgeous. I spent a lot of time to extract landing and landing of the carrier they practice before kneading the low flight for this exceptional game. Update: I no longer like what happened with this game. One must buy a package to play while just had to buy an aircraft first. Players wait!

I played this game since 2014, even if I only know "air navy fighters" life was fun, but I lost all my old game data for air fighters and landings of the carrier (think I was a leader of the squadron). Please add ranks, multiplayer and dogfight with other live players like the ground shooter games .... (for now, I only play the top gun ... Guns only the impossible mode and is so solitary that does not play with A real enemy) so you can play with your friends in real time.

It's the best game I've ever played in my life. But there's a problem. It's just an aircraft to work. The SF-18 super hornet. So please make the game simple and make it as everyone can handle any plane after the promotion. Like Rafale and F-22 Raptor. Please design it according to my imagination.

It's a good game for people who want to reach the Air Force, the army and the army, so please keep this game and go to the game is fun and free and can even last a little time without boring and vote This five Write a review on all the will help you put this game and you can unlock several aircraft planes in the calamone air floor position and as I said I can't, I think it's free I thought that it would cost money but noble is funny And exciting, he kept good job, and I will install a game like this.

Nice but the graphics should improve and when plane goes under the world and when we give up it should be Ragdoll and the radio is not so able to hear all these and put other plans please like Raptor F-15 and when air damage should Having a real type of damage and there should also be involuntary and personalized colors and tattoos for combat jets and there should be a multi-player option please but overall very very very good

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