Aircraft Wargame 3: Plane war game over 100 levels and 10 aircraft selectable.

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Made from the mixed essences of traditional arcade games and real-life history, Aircraft Wargame is guaranteed to keep you on your toes whilst offering hours of entertainment. With plenty of ammo-fuelled graphics to keep you going, you ll be ready to take on the world from the seat of your aircraft in this top-down shooter.

"Aircraft Wargame" is one of very few realistic shoot em ups that are currently available. Touch the screen to fire your ammunition and built your way through a historical landscape. As the sky appears to be full of static bombs and mobile missiles that are just waiting to take control, make sure that you watch every angle of your aircraft.

Aircraft Wargame 3 is a scrolling shoot'em up vertical

With easy controls, this game operates the way that you would expect an arcade game to. From the moment you touch the screen, your aircraft will be moving and you will be shooting your enemies until they fall out of the sky.

Don t worry about the controls with this classic shoot em up. You can slide the screen to move your plane and it will begin shooting enemy planes out of the sky automatically. Make sure that you keep an eye out for tokens along the way, as these might just affect the rate at which your bullets and missiles are fired at your enemies.

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Aircraft Wargame 3 user reviews

Really good game ....The ads are like five seconds. The building to higher levels dont cost you any money so far. Fun simple war air fighting WW2 game that s addictive. I will give a 5 star rating If It continues to play like this

Retro & relaxing. Minimum annoying ad s.

At first, it was my son who play this game. Now I m addicted too. Simple gameplay, just go gun blazing. Keep up the good work devs

I enjoy the game very much but if you guys can add more features for the player it will be awesome. Thank you.

Thanks for bringing this game out i like this game I m really addicted to this please add more planes in future updates so it will be better

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