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This is the Ultimate Air Combat game! Dominate the skies and master the most advanced world fighting aircraft in the world while the best analysis occurs, most jet flipper fighting games for multi-touch mobile combat - Combat Air: Online!

Brilliant!! A good simulator, adrenaline, good naves and when you have to pay for something is not a high price. I see many statements because you have to pay in the game X more advanced ships, etc. but the developers must win, obvious, and I must say that I played a lot of time Warrobot which is a game to win, terrible. But in air combat you can get many resources. Don't be bad milk. The servers are wrong, but the same is fine ...

The air fighting game arrives in Multi-Touch!

Great game. I walk around all the Vold Interactive Games since they are a big fan. While I went, please understand the developer. It was not possible to create a game, so I'm sure you will constitute a lot so that you come from Heters Ah Shit and ruin this game the game does not ruin the developer. You ruin you with your odorist opinions. So I understand the effort of others and not be arrogant or santicist, I support you those who agree with me

I think a good graphic game is very good and the best thing is that it doesn't spend almost anything of mobile data, I have a low-end phone and this as many other games are not available at the game store thanks to a VPN, I could install it and I am very satisfied with him but not everything is perfect and the splash of being excellent has something wrong that aircraft prices are very expensive for what they give after every game won would be able to cost less or give better prizes ok

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It is a very fun game the sounds of the planes everything is very trapped and fun I like PPRQ let you want to insist to get more than I like the advice

Incredible graph, recommended, to spend a very good and long time. Yes, I would like the possibility of being able to sell the aircraft I don't want, or change them from Diamonds, you also join me many basic missiles, and I would like to have the chance to sell or change, something like the market to sell or change between the Players. Greetings

It is a great game that I would like to add more paintings more aircraft, adding even the tournaments specifically that includes the prizes that would put the competition in the game and would do more fun and it wouldn't always be the same experience, it's fun but it's fun but you have to go wrong from servers, from theme hackers: in my 3 months of play I have not found any luck, I loved it, I repeat the tournaments that involve fatty awards because it will attract much more PD: worth expense

I searched for a good combat aircraft game and this I love it is incredible has a good graphic give excellent prizes for your good gameplay effort and very few bugs to not say anyone and you can improve with new things and more aircraft this I don't know must buy with Diamonds because some include me we can't give us those luxuries and nothing to recommend this game.

The game is spectacular that I liked a lot, it has a variety of aircraft, improvements and weapons weapons continue to update on the addition of helicopters, boats and tanks and so it would be more fun and exciting, the game is very well developed congratulations to developers

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