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Aircraft Wargame 2

If you like warplanes games, don’t hesitate any longer, in Aircraft Wargame 2 you will find different types of aircraft, such as: F4U Corsair, P-40 Warhawk, P-75 Eagle, F-14, FA- 22 Raptor, F-15C Fighter, Eurofighter, and many more. Discover them yourself, get coins to unlock these aircraft.

With this war game you will spend pleasant moments, enjoying flying and fighting with all kinds of combat and war airplanes. You will participate in epic aerial fights.

War aeroplanes game in which you have to move your plane with the inclination of your mobile or tablet, and use skills by pressing the screen of your mobile device or tablet. Its easy control and realistic 3D aircraft will ensure hours of free fun. If you manage to complete all the missions you can consider yourself an expert aviator. With your aeroplane you have to go overcoming levels while eliminating enemies and dodging obstacles. There are different types of levels and with different difficulty. Each fighter plane has its own abilities, there are up to 5 different abilities.

In Aircraft Wargame 2 you will find all kinds of aircraft such as jet warplanes, , war aircraft, artillery aeroplanes and military aeroplanes. Join the air assault of the armed forces with your airplane to fight and destroy enemy forces.

Control and direct the plane from the cockpit, from there, use the controls to fly and shoot. Take off planes from the airport towards the enemy lines. If your airplane is damaged, make an emergency landing to return to the airport to repair the plane.

Become an expert aviation pilot and fight your way through the enemy lines to victory. Inform the control tower of each enemy movement, from the control room they will inform you of the missions.

Aircraft Wargame 2 available for Android and IOS

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