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Arieshgs Games

Arieshgs was created more than 10 years ago by an independent developer for Android and IOS, self-taught and passionate about video games from a young age. On this website you can find the games developed by Arieshgs, but at the same time, you will find a wide catalog of the best video games for portable devices.

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Arieshgs is a self-taught video game lover

Within the Aircrafts Games section you can find titles like Aircraft Wargame 1 which is an exciting adventure of battles between planes. On the other hand, if you liked that game you can play the sequel to that title called Aircraft Wargame 2 which is a casual action Shoot ’em up. Later, there is the fantastic Aircraft Wargame 3 with more than 100 levels and 10 selectable aircraft. Set in the Second World War.